How Climate Change is Affecting Sailors


Climate change is affecting practically everything on earth, including our seas and oceans. As the ice melts, sea levels rise; leading to potentially devastating consequences on the world as we know it now. This is bad news for sailors and those who make their living on the water.

So, how is climate change affecting sailors and how do they protect themselves against the risks?

The Gulf Stream is slowing down

The Gulf Stream has long been known for its excessive power. However, a couple of independent studies have recently shown that this power house is actually starting to slow down by around 15%. This is largely thought to be down to the huge levels of melting ice.

So, why does it matter for sailors if the Gulf Stream is slowing down? Well, the slower the streamer becomes, the warmer it becomes. This means it could impact the density and size of Atlantic hurricanes, which leads us on to the next point…


Waters are becoming more treacherous

Climate change is causing our waters to become much more treacherous. It’s leading to more intense, as well as more frequent hurricanes over the waters, making it incredibly dangerous for sailors. Furthermore, sailors have often had much less notice that the waters are changing, finding themselves caught up in treacherous weather while out at sea.

One of the biggest concerns is the increase in the size of the waves where the majority of sailors cross the ocean in mid-altitudes. This makes the crossings much more dangerous.

Increase in plant growth could be problematic

As the waters become warmer, it paves the way for more plant growth in the seas and oceans. This poses a real problem for boats as they block the engine intakes, potentially causing a lot of damage. For this reason, alongside the more treacherous waters, sailors are going to need a good level of boat insurance. This will help to protect against the dangers of the changing climate.

Affects on our lakes and rivers

It’s not just the seas and oceans that are being directly impacted by climate change. Lakes and rivers are also seeing changes, largely in water quality. Climate change is bringing heavier, more frequent downpours. Water running off the roads and into the lakes and rivers is decreasing its quality, impacting the water life. Heavy rain is also leading to issues with sewage overspills, impacting sailors who rely on lakes and rivers to fish for example.    


Sailing seasons likely to be extended

While a lot of the changes taking place due to climate change are worrying for sailors, there is one potential positive. The sailing season is likely to be extended due to the warmer waters. It’s also set to become hotter on land than it is on the water, making being out on a boat one of the bets places to be.

Overall, climate change is having a significant impact on sailors. It’s causing the waters to become much more unpredictable. It’s never been more important to ensure you and your boat are protected against the effect’s climate change is having on our waters.