How Comprehensive Are Group Insurance Policies?


When it comes to group insurance plans, it’s important to be aware that they are intended to offer a broader range of coverage and greater options than a Canadian has with the healthcare system alone. Not only does it provide a backup to what’s already available, but it often extends beyond that to include other benefits too.

In this article, we discuss how comprehensive group insurance policies are and why they’re worth looking out for when applying for a job. 


Prescription Cover Without the Hassle

Getting prescriptions, especially refills, is a pain. Taking time off to visit the doctor, get checked out and then get the prescription filled before the pharmacy has closed for the day isn’t fun. 

Many group policies in Canada are hooked into the TELUS system that provides national coverage to approve dispensing approved medication, including repeat prescriptions. The TELUS card is carried by the employee and can be used to secure agreed medication that’s covered under a claim on their group policy. This makes getting medication for occasional illnesses or serious, prolonged ones, much easier than before this system was available. 

Vision Cover

Some group policies include coverage for vision: contacts or glasses. There’s also the possibility that it may also cover laser eye surgery or other surgeries to correct a visual abnormality.

Vision cover is usually under extended-care benefits on group policies and should be checked. There will often be an annual amount under the plan per employee or person covered, which might be $200 or higher/lower annually. Check the details to be sure if you regularly wear contacts or glasses. 

Dental Care Cover

Many policies include dental care. Usually, this at a minimum covers a regular check-up over a specific period and any x-rays or films required, along with cleaning, polishing, and scaling teeth to keep them in good health.

Many policies will allow for some oral surgery to fix things like an impacted wisdom tooth that needs removing and the pain relief necessary during this kind of procedure too. A filling here and there and a crown or two might also be covered as well. 

More advanced treatment may be covered but it should be checked. This might be work on the gums to resolve gum disease, a root canal, bridges, and crowns. With braces and other corrective fittings, this usually only applies to people 17 or younger. 

Life Insurance, Employee Life, Dependent Life, etc.

It’s quite common to see insurance cover extend beyond health treatment to cover life insurance too. The thinking here is where some coverage goes into critical illness and disability issues, it’s only natural that other possibilities with an employee such as a loss of life, might be covered too. 

There are different types of life insurance such as employee life, dependent life to provide for spouses, and so forth. It very much depends on the policy and what’s provided for. However, many times, policies that offer this coverage provide into the six-figures for loss of life. The idea here is to help the descendants or family at a difficult time. 

Beyond the essential health care coverage, group policies are more comprehensive than you would imagine. In fact, they cover a wide variety of outcomes for employees, which is gratifying.