How did Earth change in the past few years


Our planet constantly changes. The main reason for this is the human factor. Only the last year brought us plenty of hurricanes, eruptions, floats and earthquakes. Take a look at how did the planet change recently.

The eruption of Kilauea

Kilauea is an active shield volcano. It is located on the island of Hawaii and its eruption is the worst one that has happened in the past 200 years. Only from April to August this volcano throw out enough lava to fill as much as 320.000 Olympic pools. This lava covers an area of about 35,5 km square. This gave an additional 2,5 km square surface on the shore.


The New Zealand’s islands that slightly move

The southern island of New Zealand is nowadays about thirty cm closet to the northern. The cause of this was the earthquake with 7,8 of magnitude. This happened in 2016, not that long ago. Since then, the bark of Earth never stopped moving which brings the both island closer and closer.


The Great Scattered Valley in Africa

This valley keeps moving throughout the years. This is the case for several millions of years now. Even though this is not a news, the ditch that appeared on the territory of south-western Kenya in March left everyone speechless. This ditch width was firstly 15 cm. However, it constantly increases, especially after heavy rains and seismic activities.


Farewell with the glacier

Last October a glacier as big as Manhattan separated from the Antarctic. This happened only after one month since the crack appeared. The separations of the glaciers here used to happen every six years on average. Nowadays this happens each year at least once. We can’t be a hundred percent sure but we can almost blame it on the climate changes.


The fire in California

The deadliest and most dangerous fire in the history of the humanity began on 8th of November last year. It took the firemen almost three weeks before they managed to deal with it. A territory of about 620 km square got burnt. As much as 86 people paid with their own lives. The worst news is that it was not the only fire California faced this very year.


The disappeared island

A small island that belonged to Hawaii has disappeared the last year. This especially affected the already endangered specie of turtles on Hawaii. This happened thanks to the hurricane that hit the island. It brought and caused winds with a speed of 257 km/h. It was fifth category hurricane. The island used to cover a territory of 0,04 km square.


Hurricanes and typhoons

This was a busy year for the hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons. Actually they are all very similar one to another. They are all speedy and fast winds that get formed above hot waters. In 2018 the Atlantic Ocean gave us eight hurricanes. On the other hand it seems like the Pacific Ocean had been more productive. It caused as much as thirteen hurricanes. The one that hit and affected Hawaii is counted.



If this is not an already warning signal about how do we treat our planet and how does she reply, then what is it?