How Do NRIA Contractors Work?


With design and construction being an important part of any home renovation project, homeowners want to ensure that they have the means to pay for it. By seeking out an NRIA authorized contractor, homeowners can ensure that they receive quick, no-hassle funding. Read more below to discover what exactly the NRIA is, and how NRIA contractors work.

What Is the NRIA?

The National Residential Improvement Association (NRIA) is a private sector, non-government association of pre-screened contractors. These contractors aim to help consumers get any home improvements they need by taking advantage of a variety of programs that most traditional consumers are not aware of.

Through these programs, homeowners receive access to grants, low-interest and government backed loans, and tax credits/incentives. These programs give homeowners the funding necessary to make necessary changes to their homes. The NRIA does not sell home improvement products, arrange home improvement loans for consumers, or receive commissions from any participants in their programs.

How Do NRIA Contractors Work?

Various contractors sponsor the NRIA. This allows the NRIA to offer its home improvement services for free to anyone who inquires about them. The contractors who sponsor the NRIA aim to establish a relationship with homeowners in need of a renovation, or other types of home improvement. The NRIA will screen any potential contractor to ensure that consumers can trust them. If a sponsor wants to become NRIA certified, they must provide proof of a current business license, contractors license, and proof of insurance coverage.

Once the sponsor provides the NRIA with these documents (and the documents are approved), the NRIA will deem the contractor credible. By becoming NRIA certified, contractors prove to homeowners that they are able to maintain a satisfactory rating with local consumer reporting agencies, and have the best interest of the homeowner in mind. 

If you need an emergency home renovation for energy efficiency improvement, consider seeking out an NRIA-certified contractor. Their goal is to help you make whatever changes are necessary to your home, while helping you stay within the financial boundaries you have.

This can be a vital service for homeowners who know they need to make some expensive changes around the house, either for safety or simply to improve the value of the home. Bathrooms, kitchens, and finished basements certainly are not cheap. But by trusting the right people, you can ensure you remodel them in all the best ways.