How does the visualization improve the quality of your life


The current situation on global level affects quite a lot out everyday mood. Seeing more negative and pessimistic faces all around us influences the way we see the things, the way we react on them and therefore the final result out of it. Even though it is considered as one of the most important yet less expanded science in the world, it is the one thing that controls the quality of life we have. Even the people who dissagree with it can not escape its consequences. The truth is as simple as that: We become what we believe. We are living the consequences of our toughts regardless of the fact whether they are good or bad. 


These facts made the experts do yet another research on the same topic even though there have been many in the past. Its credible results claim that the people experience a day according to the thoughts they have had the day before. This is the simpliest way to explain it, which means that whether you are going to have a good or bad day it depends on whether you have focussed on the positive or the negative aspects of your life the day before. The reason for that is the fact that like attracts like, in other words, what you believe to be true is showen in fornt of your eyes and becomes part of your reality just because you are convinced of its truth. Therefore different people claim different things and all of them are right.

That’s why all the psychologists nowadays highly recommend the positive psychology and the investment in oneself. They strongly suggest that people put the focus on the goods they already have and the blessings they all take for granted if they want to see only positive changes and results in their life. What they ask their clients, more than any other thing, is to practice the simple exercise of visualization. It is the easiest way to shift your mood yet see benefits in no time. What you need to do as a beginner is to find ten to twenty minutes every day to work on improving the wuality of your life by rising your vibration. They recommend this exercise twice a day – first thing in the morning and right before you go to bed.


What you have to do is simply close your eyes, breath deeply and calm your mind. Once you find yourself in a calm situation you have to make a plot in your mind with the things you want to witness in your real life. When you become involved in the scenary in your mind it is inevitable to include emotions. When you practice visualizing good things happening to you, you radiate positive energy because of the positive feelings you engage to the scenary that’s going on in your mind. All this rises your vibration which only puts you in a good state of being. Now guess what follows!?


Therefore the next day brings you more of what you want and what you’ve practiced the day before. That’s the fair explanation behind the saying “Positive mind – positive life”. So the next time you feel lazy about your goals remember the process and know that every day you have the power in your hand. Make sure you don’t waste it, or even worse, use it against you!