How Excited the Guys are when it Comes to Prom


Promenade could be the last dance for a senior high school student however for some guys it does not matter. It is not really a big deal as it may be “just” a dance for them. Meanwhile, this guy could be looking forward to a future and more exciting dance that could happen ten years after and that would be his wedding dance with his beautiful wife, wearing a fabulous wedding dress.


Here is another question for guys though? Are guys really picky when it comes to girls?

Well, it could be true but this may not apply to guys only but for everyone. Do they really have particular preferences when it comes to prom dates? I do not think so however if a teenage guy does not have a girlfriend, there are some possibilities he could be doing during the prom night:

  1. He might be staying at home and watch movies or play online games along with his friends. OR
  2. If he is interested in attending the prom, he will invite his close friend and they can go together. OR
  3. He will do everything to propose to his crush so he could have a date for prom.

Meanwhile, an excited teenage guy will prefer the following for a prom date.


Of course, she is your most special someone of whom you do not want to miss the event without her being around. She could have also been waiting for your proposal to go to prom. Meanwhile as her boyfriend, you might still have the fear of getting rejected on your promposal or maybe you are afraid of proposing because you are afraid if she accepts the proposal, you do not know what to wear that would match her lovely prom dress. Why not try it? You can buy flowers and chocolates for her and ask her to prom, I am sure she will love them then whatever’s bothering you like what to wear will come next. Organize it step by step.


This is a stage when teenagers are also at the peak of having a lot of crushes. The anxiety of a guy with a crush however is higher than that of someone with a girlfriend. For someone with a girlfriend, chances of being rejected is lower as compared to someone who is looking forward to propose to his crush. He could be thinking of plan A, plan B and plan C on how to do his proposal to his ultimate crush. It could be considered tough for him on how to start with it however what’s more is the frustration he would feel if he gets rejected.

Close/Best Friends

It is indeed more fun to go to occasions in groups. The more, the merrier, in addition, this is a worthwhile event for you as friends. It may not be the last event you will be together but it could be the last one before you step in to college. It could also be the first and the last time you will be seeing your girl-friends wear their fabulous prom dresses. College days will be busier that you think and you might miss every high school event.