How important are the basic rules


When we have a goal we want to achieve, we are constantly looking for strategies. We study the possibility of its achievement, we learn how to walk towards it. We even sacrifice time, effort and money just to learn how to program ourself for its realization. More often than not, the road costs us a lot. It’s where most people struggle.

However, the masters say that the life is only putting us on a test in order to check whether we are ready for it. And not until we are completely ready to receive it, did it comes. Sometimes the key for success is very simple. Keeping the focus on what you want helps way more than trying too hard.

On the other hand, one should be open and ready to follow the rules. Usually the answer whether you are going to come to the final result lies not in your wish, but in the practice. On one side you have the wish. On the other side you have everything what you have to do in order to see its manifestation.

We were taught that the burning desire is more important than the “how” will it happen. However, a person that follows the steps knows that the key lies in the commitment to the rules. The following are the most important:


Decide what are you going for

Choose one wish at a time. Focus on one goal instead of making a chaos inside your head. Know how important working on yourself is. That’s what the books are meant for. The more you study your own body and its power, the more powerful yourself you become. The time spent on your own development is the time well spent. What makes us all different is our mindset, otherwise we all have the same twenty four hours of the day to do with our lives whatever we would like to. Moreover, the majority of the people blame it on the life for not achieving their goals while the only responsible for that failure are their own bodies, mind, thoughts and energy.

Master the basics

Be aware what level do you find yourself at. Be honest. You are under no obligation to give explanation to the others. Your life and goals go on your charge. Therefore be open to ask for help or keep on reading more. The sooner you accept and admit you still need to learn and practice more, the easier your road will be. Actually the most important tool are the basic elements. This includes focusing on one thing at a time and looking nothing but the best aspects of it. The thankfulness makes miracles like no other thing. Taking care about your mood at the present moment, no matter what your reality looks like at the moment means you have learned enough. Then and only then are you ready to learn the next step, which is receiving.


The people undergraduate the basic rules considering them as not that important. However, the expert in this field claim that the people who master the basics are way more powerful than the people who only read about them once and just want to climb levels and never look back. That’s not how you achieve a goal. To be hungry for knowledge is perfectly fine, however, make sure you put everything you read in practice and practice it long enough.