How LED grow lights are taking over the growing world?


Many growers have found out over the years that even the sun is not sufficient for some plants. It is estimated that over quarter of the solar radiations are blocked by greenhouse structure before it reaches to the plants. This may be even more intense where the winters are darker and longer. It poses a challenge in the context of crop production. Fortunately, we have LED lights which is gradually taking over the growing world.

LED systems have surprisingly made possible to create bigger yields per plants, grow more marketable crops and generate more profits in the end. Nevertheless, here is how LED grow lights are on its way to replacing the traditional lighting system and enhance the overall agricultural system.

  • Less expensive

The initial price of LED compared to the old fashioned lights is higher but not as much as it is misconceived. However, it doesn’t take long for this technology to pay for itself. In fact, the price of LED grow lights is declining on regular basis.

It is also been proven that LED grow lights are energy efficient. These lights tend to save 80 percent over what would be the case otherwise.

  • Create better and bigger plants

With new networking hardware and software, LEDs are able to bring out the characteristics of plants that makes them most marketable. By controlling the spectrum of light, farmers can produce foods and flowers that the customers desire. Experiments conducted all over the world have showed that LED grow lights are allowing us to create more marketable plants compared to conventional lighting systems using less energy, space and money as before.

  • Healthier working environment

The ability to enhance plant growth with LEDs mean that there is less need for plant hormones to do the work. Detailed reviews of LED grow lights have showed that it can even reduce the need for pesticides which benefits the worker who doesn’t need to get exposed to toxic chemicals. Reducing the hormonal usage in confined spaces like greenhouses means a better and healthier indoor environment for people who operate there.

  • Healthier environment

This is perhaps the most compelling benefit of LED grow lights. Controlled growing environments result into less water wastage, less chemical usage and efficient usage of space. LEDs mean a more environmental friendly agricultural production. Efficiency of such systems also reduces the carbon footprint significantly.

The bottom line

LED grow lights have been offering hundreds of benefits to the world in a direct or an indirect manner. It has the potential to revolutionize the agricultural industry completely. Indoor crop production has been facilitated by such technology in a diverse manner. Given the ever-increasing nature of problems in today’s world, it is important to make the most out of such technology to produce cost effective, fresh and organic crops at local levels. The scale is still indefinite yet and it is difficult to anticipate how much more the technology is going to advance.