How smart our civilization really is?


There is a huge number of scientists, professors and experts who claim that we, the people nowadays, are not the smartest civilization that lived on this planet. Moreover, they claim that in the prehistory there used to live one to two civilizations even smarter than us. Even though this sounds silly and unbelievable, if you think about it twice you might even agree.

On the other hand the deeper you go into what we do have so far, the more you get stuck in the answers. But the whole process of investigation is not only worth it but interesting as well. Yet another question is how did we reached it and how do we keep it. There’s why:


The power plants would stop working

Just imagine a catastrophe that will make everyone on Earth die. Suddenly there is not a single soul on the planet. The electricity would be a problem in such a case. If there is nobody to manage the power plants, the whole planet will run out of light in no time. The majority of the power plants would try to omit such catastrophe, therefore discover and implement a security mode.

However, there won’t be anybody who would look after this processes. In that case the cooling system of the nuclear plants would suddenly hit. The whole planet will turn into Chernobyl with this scenario.


Buildings made by people

The buildings and objects made by the human’s hand would disappear. This includes objects made by plastic, wood and metal but stone. Even the streets, the roads and the buildings will be covered by vegetation in only several decades. Can you only imagine how this would look after a century? The only things that could manage to survive are the ones made of stone.


Myths and legends

Neither the myths nor the legends are proved to be true. However, this makes us go deeper in the stories. What if, for example, there indeed were floats like the Bible claims? In this case the whole civilization goes with it. It would disappear like a bullet from a gun. How about people who managed to survive such catastrophe? What if the gods from the mythology we read nowadays are the ones who did survived? Maybe this eventually claims and proves their unreal power.


Short-sighted historians

There are plenty of fair reasons why they are “short-sighted”. Of course the first reason for this is the lack of money for further analysis and researches. Moreover, no one wants to risk that much. The moment the scientists discover something that doesn’t resonate with the current paradigm, they face financial shortage. The doctor Virginia Stin is such a case. Virginia managed to show the world with facts truths about the civilization in America. To be more precise, ruins in Mexico point out that the American civilization is older even more than 250.000 years. Of course, her whole research was supported by previously tested methods and tecnics. However the official archeologists, historians and scientists they all neglected her effort.