How taking coffee breaks can amp up your productivity


Sometimes all you need is a teeny-tiny coffee break from your frantic and robotic work time! Your brain and body equally beg for a little bit of refreshment when you keep running on your life’s marathon race. This is the moment when the need-for-coffee alert beeps! All that you need at such hour is a coffee machine with built-in grinder that serves you a freshly brewed cup of goodness.

Before talking about how coffee breaks could amp up productivity, I think you should first have a slight knowledge about the effects of coffee consumption on your body.

Coffee has some noticeable effects on your mood because it primarily contains caffeine (that we all know) and multiple antioxidants (that are inherently good for our body). The caffeine blocks your brain’s adenosine neurotransmitter and allows some other primary neurotransmitters like dopamine or glutamate do their job effectively.

So how exactly coffee breaks affect productivity?

Having a sip of refreshing coffee during your work break could instantly boost your energy levels. When you drink coffee, you are energized and you feel yourself being restored. Thus, your reactivated body helps you achieve better productivity in your work.

A simple coffee break could brighten up your mood since coffee has mood-enhancing abilities. Coffee boosts your mood by stimulating greater serotonin levels in your brain. With a positive and progressive mood, you get rid of dullness during your excruciating work and again, resulting in greater productivity and efficiency at work.

Along with benefitting you with a positive and constructive mind, coffee also keeps you focused, alerted and attentive. This means after you have your energy-boosting drink, your mind is more focused in your work and thus, you are also vigilant of what you are doing. Your concentrating and rapt behavior towards your work would no wonder eventually yield in higher productivity and output.

If you are any kind of a sportsperson, coffee will keep you vigorous during the time. No wonder why regular gym goers opt for caffeine prior to their rigorous workout sessions.

Verbose chats among co-workers and associates over a cup of coffee could help you overcome social hurdles. Brewing and drinking coffee creates a string among co-workers, which generates ideas and better output. This coffee time often creates a necessary bond among employees and entrepreneurs, which eventually contributes to work better in the group and hence increasing productivity.

Coffee in your work break eventually keeps you both mentally and physically fit and healthy to keep the pace of your marathon race.

So, these are all the positive effects of how a sip of refreshing coffee could amp up your productivity levels.

Know how much is too much

Now, there are certain contradictory aspects too which you should be aware of.

Do not go for an excessive dosage of caffeine as you all know that too much of anything is always injurious!

It is well-known that coffee has the ability to keep you awake. This effect could be simply diminutive to many of you, whilst for others, it could be no lesser than a nightmare! I just mean to say that if you are amongst those whom coffee affects immensely, then a cup of coffee drink in your work break could no doubt increase productivity along the day, but it could also curse you with the weary sleepless night by the end of the day.

As a result, this would lower your output levels the following day. Remember, a night of proper sleep is one of the key elements for good mental and physical health. Thus, an inadequate sleep at night would not only hamper concentration and alertness on the next day but also would decrease your efficiency and productivity at work.

If you are unfortunately one of those suffering from anxiety disorders, then I recommend you to keep a safe distance between you and coffee, as it might pose adverse effects on your mind and body.

Final words

It’s important to be aware of both the pros and cons of coffee. Drinking coffee during tea-breaks can be beneficial for your output levels at work. Today, there are numerous competitors providing coffee machines with built-in grinder facility, to help you revive with the ultimate sip of freshly brewed coffee.