How to Add Value to Your Property

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House

Upgrading your house makes sense on so many levels. Anything that makes it more pleasant for you and your family to live there is obviously a plus for all concerned. And considering that a house is the biggest investment that many people have, it makes sound financial sense as well. Increasing the equity in your house is as good as money in the bank. Better, in fact, – as you get to enjoy it as well! However, if you are improving the house with a view to selling it, you must bear in mind that your expenditure must not completely outstrip what you can hope to recoup. So where is your money best spent?

Doing that kitchen is still your best bet

The kitchen has long been the one of the first things that buyers have looked at in a potential new home, but never more so than now. 68% of potential buyers these days list a good kitchen as their most important requirement. It is very easy to spend a great deal of money on upgrading a kitchen, so don’t be in too much of a hurry to just rip out your existing kitchen! A more modest outlay makes better sense when you’re doing the upgrade with a view to sell, and it can have great impact.


What to update in the kitchen?

The goal is to achieve a fresh, clean, modern and coordinated look in your kitchen that sets an inviting and cheerful tone. First to consider is a new suite of appliances – the appeal is immediate and stainless steel in particular is very fashionable. Combine that with new countertops, possibly in attractive quartz, which is less expensive than granite or marble, but is rapidly gaining popularity.  

Consider replacing your old cabinet doors with more stylish ones if they are very dated. However, if the old ones are still serviceable, maybe just add some more contemporary handles, or lift them with a fresh coat of paint. And then carry that through with a fresh coat of paint on the walls. And since there is an amazing array of stylish, new, inexpensive and durable flooring available, possibly upgrade the floor as well.


Upgrade the bathroom  

Upgrading your bathroom runs upgrading the kitchen a close second. As with the kitchen, bathroom renovations can be costly, so think creatively. Remember the aim is for the bathroom to look clean, fresh and appealing.

What to update in the bathroom?

Install a new suite if you can afford it or give your old suite a completely new look by having it reglazed by a professional and consider installing a dual-flush toilet. Tired-looking tiling can be freshened up by removing grubby old grouting, then regrouting, possibly in an interesting color to match the rest of the bathroom.

Frosted glass is dated and cuts down on light, so replace with clear glass. Replace dated faucets and door handles and other fittings to give a sleek, modern look. Replace curtains with a stylish and contemporary Roman blind, or shutters which are also currently very popular. Paint mirror frames, accessories and other woodwork in a nifty metallic to add an attractive and stylish touch of bling.  New, fluffy towels and matching bath mats will add to the fresh, clean look. Add a living touch with a few pot plants.

Make your home smarter!

In smart homes, network-connected devices automate and control many of the home’s functions. This includes security, lighting, smoke detection, opening and closing of shades, and temperature. Smart technology adds value to a home, particularly programmable thermostats, smart entertainment systems and lighting, door locks and other security features.

Providing smart technology is very much a burgeoning industry and well worth utilizing if you want to add value to your home. Utilizing the expertise of home automation and audio-visual integration companies like Sound X will make your home more attractive to today’s buyers.


Make your house more energy efficient

Making your home ‘greener’ is always a good idea. You will benefit from it and it will assuredly appeal to buyers when you come to sell. Wanting an energy-efficient home features high on the list of requirements of prospective buyers.  

Old-fashioned windows are notoriously poorly insulated – they lose warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer, so double glazing your windows is an excellent idea. This is particularly true in areas with more extreme weather.

Installing a more energy-efficient water-heater also makes good sense; it can significantly reduce energy usage. Water heating typically accounts for about 18% of energy costs in the home. A new unit will not only save you money but will appeal to cost-conscious buyers. Installing a programmable thermostat is another good measure as you’ll reduce energy consumption when the house is empty.


Maintenance, and maintenance … and maintenance

The importance of how your house presents cannot be overemphasized.  Peeling paintwork, a messy roof, shoddy guttering, a weed-grown garden and driveway – all these things will negatively impact prospective buyers. On the other hand, the obverse is also true – a pristine home with a welcoming look, colorful, well-kept garden with mature shrubs and trees will attract buyers and dispose them positively towards considering your house as their next home. And achieving this need not be costly – a fresh coat of paint and some elbow grease is (mostly!) all that is required.