How to Arrange a Teenager’s Room


Decorating the teen’s room may seem like a challenge no matter what budget you have for the arrangement. The first thing you need to consider is the personality of the young person. If the teenager is between 10 and 18 years old, it would be good for the room redecoration to become a common activity, maybe even an opportunity to unite your family even more.


How can you decorate the teenager’s room?

When it comes to decorating their room, there are almost endless possibilities. You can choose decorations depending on their personality (if they are an extrovert, choose strong colors that provide energy and if they are an introvert go for neutral colors and a few color spots of their liking), hobbies or passions (for example, a room decorated in “New York style in the 80s”, various decorations with easel or paintings if you they are passionate about painting, if they like the anime world, which is more and more popular lately, you can choose some anime figures of their favorite characters to decorate the shelves, etc.).

If you have a small space, provide the essentials (rest and study) and mount a cork board (or more) on a wall so that they can decorate it with the things that inspire them. Also, to give the idea of the recreation area, put on the couch a few decorative pillows in the models of their choice.

How do you choose the decorations?

In the decorations chapter you have a lot of options from the classic to the nonconformist ones that enhance the personality of the teenager. Carefully choose the curtain, the carpet (if you have a small space you can jump over it), the parquet (choose one for medium traffic to resist the days when the teen forgets to get off their shoes). Below are other decorating ideas:

  • Posters with favorite bands/favorite football team / favorite movie – frame these posters or stick them directly on the wall (tastes change quite often in adolescence, so after two months they may listen to other bands)
  • Do they play the guitar? Remove it from the cabinet or corner of the room and place it directly on the wall
  • Are they talented at drawing? Take some of their favorite paintings, frame them and put them on the walls
  • Partition walls to separate the rest/relaxation space from the study space
  • Mirror – no girl or boy wants to make a bad figure in front of friends, so a mirror no matter how small, is useful in a teen’s room

What are the most suitable colors?

As for the colors you have a wide range of variants as well. For a boy’s room you can choose shades of gray, green, yellow, combinations of white and blue, white and black, gray and green or beige and orange. The choice of shades depends a lot on what the teenager wants.

For a girl’s room you can go for pastel shades, floral decorations, cream or white, gray and purple shades, blue or pink and orange for a tropical look.

You have to consider especially the wishes of the young man/girl when it comes to colors but think well before you go in the orange with spikes because there is a high risk that after 1-2 years they won’t like them anymore. You can opt for neutral shades for the walls, choosing colors for accessories, posters, possibly a wallpaper, decorative pillows, a chic blanket, etc.

General tips for decorating a teen’s room

Finally, decorating the teenager’s room is a work for two (or three or more), the last decision has  to be his/her (it is good to propose several options that are ok to use, model, color and price and let them choose). Below are some tips that will help you decorate without making a quality rebate:

  • If you have a small room paint the walls white and choose mirrors 
  • To avoid the “all in” effect, choose neutral shades for the walls and at most two colors for the room. You decide by mutual agreement which is the central point. Maybe they like a funky blanket or a turquoise rocking chair
  • If space allows you to put some plants
  • Also to save space choose a folding desk (it contains the table itself that folds on the wall) which can have a dual role, study place and bedside table

The room of a teenager must emphasize the hobbies and passions of the inhabitant. Carefully choose furniture, accessories and colors and consult with the young man at every step. Decorating their own room can be the young adult’s first responsibility.