How to avoid the mental traps that destroy us


Our mind, body and especially our brain are too sensitive on the world that surrounds us. Stressed situations that happen on a daily basis like break-ups, unemployment, loss of dear ones, dicuss are one of the things that  bother us and affect our mood. All this situations are too common and inevitable, however it is out mindset and way of thinking that can either help us or lead us to a disaster. The bad habits can affect our mental health regardless if it is only one day in question or a whole period of depression and anxiety. The good news is that the majority of these habits can be controlled. Here´s how we can turn every situation in our favour:

  1. Physical activity

Why: It is clear that the physical activity plays a big role when the change of the mood is in question. The everyday activities have a positive effect on the brain and the hormones that has to do with the mood.

What can you do: If you are trying too hard to keep up with the schedule, maybe the one you have chosen is too ambitious. For a beginner it is more than enough if you dedicate fifteen to twenty minutes every day.

2. Ignoring the mess

Why: The chaos and the mess at your home can be the motivator for your disorganization and mess in your brain. It can even provoke a psychical anxiety. Because of the mess we tend to feel burdened, literally and figuratively.

What can you do: Throw away the things you don´t find useful anymore. Do not keep useless items just because you don´t know what to do with them. Organize your home. Make  it a nice place to be at. Feel comfortable when there.

3. Alcohol

Why: The alcohol acts like a depressant to the nervous system, it slows you down and it affects your mood. Moreover it can indicate nightmares and restless dream. Most of the alcoholic beverages contain a lots of sugar and calories as well.

What can you do: The balance is the key to everything. That´s the case with the alcohol as well. Do not overuse it. It does everything to you but helping you.

4. Obsessive thinking

Why: The constant worry about the things you can´t change or control provokes stress for the body and mind. It increases the heartbeats and it affects the breathing. That way your body releases cartilage, a stress hormone that affects your physical and emotional health.

What can you do: Learn how to control your mind and how to avoid the unnecessary analysis. What helps in situations like this is the meditation, deep breathing, massage and fast walk. Practice more of this.

5. Suppression of the anger

Why: The anger and frustration are normal reactions of the unevitable challenges of life. But if you try to supress the anger just to look nicer it can have a contraeffect. The anger and the frustration are symptoms of depression. They might lead you there.

What can you do: It is of crusial importance to express and speak out loud all the negative emotions. If you learn how to express the negative feelings on a calm way instead of making drama and discussing, you will surely feel better.