How to Be Positive in a Pandemic


For nearly two years now, the coronavirus pandemic has swept the world and altered the lives of millions. Whether you have suffered from the illness yourself, seen a loved one pass on from the virus, or had your job or home uprooted because of the financial ramifications of lockdowns, this era has done a number on everyone in some way or another. 

So much upheaval has occurred since early 2020. Traffic changes due to COVID-19 have affected how drivers handle road rage, get to work on time, and insurance policies. 

Remote work has left much of the population feeling isolated from their friends and coworkers on the job. Millions of people have been laid off because of income losses from everyone staying at home instead of going out and buying products and non-essential goods. 

No matter how the pandemic affected your life or continues to do so, it is imperative that you try to stay as positive as possible. We’ll look at many of the resources available to you if you are struggling with mental health problems and need counseling.

Marriage Strain Due to the Pandemic

You would think that getting to stay home with your spouse and children would be a joyous and much-appreciated benefit related to the coronavirus. We all feel we’ve missed out on time with loved ones throughout the years when we prioritize work, after-school activities, or extraneous and frivolous interludes.

Yet, for many married couples who view work as a getaway from a broken relationship, the pandemic magnified the stresses of being around the person they struggle to connect with. 

Shouting, name calling, and other measures that contribute to a deteriorating relationship have been more prevalent with extra time spent together. Add on children who are at home and need more attention than normal and there is a firestorm of emotions ready to boil over in the household. 

Don’t feel like your marriage is a failure if the pandemic forced you to evaluate what’s next for the both of you. There are many options for parties interested in marriage counseling and making their marriage successful. Talk therapy and other types of counseling are understanding of both people’s feelings and can get to the root of the problems in the union.

Unfortunately, some marriages are too far gone for professional help and become physically dangerous to one or both spouses involved. If there is domestic violence or threats of harm directed at you from your partner due to the increased time together at home during this pandemic, call the authorities immediately. 

Address All Types of Anxiety

Anxiety and depression come in many different shapes and sizes. No matter how it forms or what it turns into, every person has felt some inklings of mental health stress throughout the pandemic.

The virus hit the elderly and the immunocompromised early and often, leading to sickness and death that left surviving family members in shock and despair. Every person mourns in their own way, but the death of a loved one that leads to months of despair is completely unhealthy and destructive to one’s emotional state. 

Anxiety counseling is always available and encouraged for those in the area who are struggling with any type of anxiety that has sprung up during these tough times or is rooted in a longstanding situation from earlier in their life. It can be tough to face these problems at home and admit that there is something wrong; therefore, it is courageous to ask for help.

A great way to stay positive beyond the therapy room is to remember the good times before COVID-19. What made you happy in the past? Can you start to mend these gaps between pre-and post-pandemic lifestyle choices? 

It’s all about thinking toward the future instead of rummaging through the dirt in the present. No matter how bleak the world seems right now, this pandemic will end at some point, and you will want to be the best version of yourself when the time comes. No problem is too big to overcome if you talk to the right people and stay connected to loved ones and friends. 

Be Appreciative for What You Still Have

In the meantime, you must brainstorm the good things that you wake up to every day. It seems like a cliche, but even appreciating a good night’s sleep, decent food three times a day, and robust health in a time of crisis is a massive step in the right direction for your mental state. 

Aspire to chase a dream that was more difficult to attain when you had to spend so many hours away from home every day. Did you always want to figure out how to make the perfect pepperoni pizza from scratch? Go shopping for ingredients and get started on your solo pizzeria venture.

Now is also a good time to get into exercise because of the increased risk of obesity from lack of movement during quarantine periods.

Whether you have gym equipment at home or you are paying for membership with a club, staying attentive to fitness will have a tremendously positive impact on both your physical and your mental health. It can also improve your insurance rates, as life insurance for overweight individuals can be costly.

No matter how bleak it seems, there are people who have lost even more than you have. Look to others in your community who have powered through extreme trauma and be inspired by their display of heart and courage. Ask them for a shoulder to cry on, and you can be the same thing for them if they are still in and out of their dark place. 

Just appreciate the small things in life that we took for granted before the pandemic, and you’ll find that post-COVID life will be so much more fruitful than any other period before it. The world has changed forever, and this is indeed a new normal. Still, the planet has gone through so many cycles and evolutions, so why can’t living through one of them be exciting?

Positivity and mindset are harder for some than others. Find the help you need and tend to yourself for a change. Your entire social circle will thank you for it.