How to bright up your balloon decor: the best practice


If you want to throw an amazing party, then you should think of creating astonishing decor. We recommend you make a bid for a balloon décor. If you do so, then your guests, as soon as they enter the house, will plunge into the magical atmosphere and immediately feel that today’s party will bring something special.

And if you want to break all records, then you should think of additional décor: fresh flowers, greenery, crepe paper, versatile flags, colorful ribbons and bright tassels like these will help make your balloon décor even more attractive!

Balloon tassels

Bright tassels are a very simple thing that can make a big difference in your balloon decorations. All your guests will instantly appreciate this detail, which will make your balloons look more elegant and sophisticated!

Today, you can order branded tassels or make DIY ones using a variety of materials – from sparkling foil to beautiful fabric. Choose the materials and colors that match with your balloon décor concept, or choose contrasting shades to emphasize specific details.


With tinsel, you can immediately transform your interior and make your balloon decorations look even more festive without going broke!

With tinsel, you can beautifully decorate door and window openings, walls, ceilings, stairs, trees in your garden, balloon arches, and garlands. Choose tinsel of various shapes, from stars to cute animal figures.

Another best way to use tinsel is by decorating your party photo zone. The classic design option is a balloon garland with a sparkling tinsel curtain hanging from it. This decor looks very posh and looks simply amazing in photos!


The absolute trend of this year (as well as the previous ones) is floral and plant installations and greenery decor. The more abstract your decorations are, the more natural and beautiful they look!

Walls, floor, and ceiling covered with greenery and flowering branches, flower arches framing doorways, and flower structures falling from the ceiling will make your hall look like a fairy forest or Heaven’s garden. Also, greenery will help you make your balloon arches, garlands and columns look even more stunning. Tassels hanging from the balloons that float under the ceiling is a great option that will help you instantly transform the interior!

Fresh flowers

There is no such holiday or event where flowers would be an unnecessary décor element! And the wedding is the celebration where they are most appropriate!

At the wedding, you can decorate every little thing with fresh flowers, from a tiny boutonniere to decorating the hall, tent, and cars:

• wedding attire — bride’s bouquet, wreath, bracelet, dress decorations;

• groom’s suit — boutonniere;

• bridesmaids’ outfits — bouquets, bracelets, wreaths, boutonnieres;

• bouquets for parents and friends;

• wedding rings box décor;

• decorations of arches, pavilions and tents;

• handmade flower compositions for decorating buffet tables, chairs, coasters, mirrors and railings;

• photo zone decor;

• chain garlands for railings, mirrors, columns;

• gift decor.

Paper decorations

Paper decor is a hot fashion trend today. Such decorations look great on their own and in combination with balloons:

• accordion balloons;

• honeycomb balls;

• paper pompoms;

• pompons-brushes;

• three-dimensional stars.