How to Buy a Portable Outdoor Garage for Your Home


In the beginning, every garage, whether attached or detached, is typically meant for parking one or two vehicles, possibly with some built-in storage space for garden supplies or power tools. However, depending on how long you’ve lived in your home, the garage may be half-full of items for a spring yard sale, and storage cabinets may be overflowing as well-and before you know it, you’re parking your vehicle(s) outside.

On the other hand, your garage may be as tidy as the ones you see on HGTV, where your vehicle fits like a glove. However, you need some garage space to protect a classic car or a seasonal vehicle. Whether you want your old garage back or need a secondary one to use as a workshop, a portable outdoor garage can be a great solution for those who are a little short on space.


Benefits of a Portable Garage

If zoning restrictions or neighborhood bylaws either forbid building permanent structures on your property, or you have to get a permit to do so, opting for a portable garage can avoid a lot of hassle, as they require no licensing or construction. They are also a very cost-effective investment for expensive gear, equipment, or vehicles, and you can set them up and break them down with ease. This means that you save money on construction costs and have affordable, portable storage that you can take anywhere.

Considerations when Buying a Portable Garage

When determining which portable garage to purchase, there are some important things to consider before making an investment.

  • Portability – You may be wondering why portability in a portable garage is a consideration. However, you want to make sure the product you choose is easy to set up and break down, rather than falling under a category other than a portable garage. It’s a good idea to visit portable garage businesses to see for yourself how portable their models are.
  • Durability – It’s important to consider the average weather conditions in your area when choosing the materials for the walls and framing of your portable garage. Although portable garages are an affordable option, you want them to last as long as possible to get your full money’s worth. To avoid disasters, such as heavy snow collapsing your portable garage onto your vehicle, choose framing and canvas materials that can hold up over time. PVC and polyethylene canvas cover typically offer the best rain and UV protection.
  • Warranties or Guarantees – Like any item left in the elements, your portable garage is going to take a beating. No material will be completely immune to weather damage over time, and materials may break or tear. Therefore, it’s very important to ask vendors about any warranty or guarantee that may come with your purchase. Make sure you compare coverage between dealers, including the length and type of coverage. You may also be able to purchase an extended warranty for a low price. The longer the coverage, the better.

Portable garages have gained popularity for many reasons, including affordability and versatility of function and location. When a more permanent structure isn’t necessary, they can be the perfect solution for your storage and workspace needs.