How To Buy Gifts For Older Adults With Health Issues


Buying gifts for your loved ones isn’t always straightforward. Some people are difficult to buy for, and it is especially hard to find presents for the people in your life who are facing health issues. 

Many older adults face mobility concerns or other challenges, so you may need to be creative to find a gift they can enjoy. You want to consider their personal situation, and you also don’t want to overstep your bounds or make them uncomfortable. It’s always best to have a conversation with your loved ones about what they need and what resources could help them. Because while we all want the people in our life to have healthy aging, this isn’t always the case for everyone. 

But, while every situation is different, there are some overall things to keep in mind when buying presents for older adults who have health or mobility concerns. Here are some tips to get you started based on some common health issues many seniors face.

  1. For people dealing with Alzheimer’s or other memory issues

Keepsakes are valuable for all people, but they can be crucial for seniors in your life. Suppose you know a family member or friend who is struggling with their memory because of various health conditions. In that case, you could consider making a scrapbook or putting together photos on a digital frame. Of course, if you go the digital route, you’ll want to ensure that they can operate the device, or you will need to set it up for them. Consider devices like the Amazon Echo, where you can set it up ahead of time so that it auto-answers calls from you so that they don’t need to remember how to work it.

  1. For seniors who have mobility concerns

If someone in your life cannot move around like they could when they were younger, you’ll need to consider their specific situation and level of ability. Some seniors might use a wheelchair, while others may have a walker. There are a few different routes to go. Some people might benefit from a tension pole or bar in their bathroom to make things safer when they are in the bath or shower. Other gifts for seniors who can’t drive because of mobility issues include gift cards to a ride share service., an advice site for caregivers, has this great list of gifts for seniors with mobility and memory issues.

  1. For individuals with mental health concerns like anxiety

Many adults have anxiety disorders, and this is also true for seniors. Dealing with constant stress and anxiety is detrimental to anyone’s health, and if your older loved one is already facing other health issues, added stress will compound the problem. To help them find more happiness and stay healthier in their old age, you could try something as simple as a weighted blanket. Other options include massage chairs or smaller massage devices that target specific muscle groups. 

  1. For seniors who have sensory or circulation concerns

Finally, there may be people in your life who have specific health concerns such as poor circulation or foot pain. These are just a couple of examples of issues that can make finding clothing difficult for seniors. So, to increase their comfort level, there are options such as compression socks or even something as easy to find as soft house slippers. 

Final Thoughts On Buying Gifts For Seniors In Your Life

If you want to buy a present for someone you love who is aging, make sure to think about their individual concerns and situation. There is not a one size fits all approach, but many of the suggestions on this list can get you started. You’ll want to consider their independence level and any specific medical concerns they have. 

But, hopefully, you’ll be able to find a gift that helps improve their quality of life and that they’ll enjoy.