How to Buy the Right Gift for Your Wedding Party


They have been through thick and thin with you. Now, they are ready and willing to stand by your side as you promise to be there for your partner till death does ye part. You already probably know it, but your wedding party plays a significant role not only in your lives as the newlyweds-to-be but also on your special day.

Your wedding party has been through it all, and then some; on all the events leading to your one of a kind day. We are talking about your engagement party, the shower, as well as the bachelor/bachelorette weekend. Not to mention dealing with all the frantic calls and late-night conversations involving the planning process.


Truthfully, you owe them for every last gesture and stroke of compassion that they have shown and sent your way during the stressful planning process. And there couldn’t be a better day to show just how much you appreciate them than on your wedding day. Giving special gifts to the special friends and family that have helped to get you down the aisle and to the altar can make them feel extra special and appreciated, so don’t overlook it.

Why should you buy your wedding party gifts, yet it is your special day?

You may or may not know this, but the average bridesmaid and groomsman spend more than $1,000 to be part of your special day. And that is just an estimated amount; it is usually a lot more when you take into account things such as travel costs, dresses, and suits, bridal showers, alterations, as well as bachelor and bachelorette parties- the list can go on and on.

Not only does your wedding team spend a lot of money, but they also go out of their way dedicating a lot of time and energy to making you feel special. Your friends and loved ones do these things because they love you and are excited for your next phase in life. 

This is why it is so important to thank them and show that you appreciate everything that they have done to make your day feel special. So what can you do to thank your team? Here is how to buy the right gift for your wedding party:

How much should you spend?

There are no rules set in stone as to how much you spend on gifts; it is really up to you and what your budget can allow. You are buying a gift to show your gratitude so it does not need to be extravagant or pricey. The truth is that even though your wedding party has been there for you, they aren’t really expecting anything at all so even a small token will make them smile.

If you are keeping your purse strings super tight, consider going the DIY route, but make sure that you have time to spare because the last thing you need is to add more pressure on yourself when you are already dealing with a highly stressful situation.

What should you keep in mind when picking your gifts?

While you might be tempted to base your gifts on your preferences, please resist the urge to. The gifts you are purchasing for your bridal party should suit their tastes and likes. So when buying your gifts, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Appeal to your wedding party’s taste and not your own
  • Try and purchase an array of gifts, they do not have to be identical
  • Get them something that they wouldn’t typically purchase for themselves
  • Bigger doesn’t always mean better- even something as small as a heartfelt note can do the trick

Do something super special for your maid and best man

Your maid and best man have probably been there for you long before you got engaged, so they deserve a special gift. Do something special and unique for them that is different from the rest of the wedding party.

You could go for a treat such as a special spa day or you could alternatively give personalized gifts such as these custom star maps from Twinkle in Time to commemorate your special relationship.

Gift them with something special that they can use on your wedding day

For the ladies in your wedding party, giving something like a custom robe that they can wear on the morning of the wedding while getting ready is always a great idea. There are plenty of stylish and comfy robes that are ideal for lounging around on your wedding day morning. 

Better still, they make perfect costumes for photoshoots. Gifting your boys with something like unique groomsmen socks or bespoke ties can be a playful way to show that you care and it will also allow you and your crew to coordinate your outfits.

Host a group activity

Consider hosting a group activity that is separate from the wedding and exclusive to the wedding party. A group activity such as a cooking class or a spa day is a great way to spend quality time together bonding with your nearest and dearest.

Hosting such a group activity that is solely dedicated to the team is a wonderful way to show your wedding party that you appreciate all their hard work as well as the time they put into making sure that your day goes off without any hitches.

Furthermore, after the stress and anxiety of the months leading up to your wedding, throwing a little shindig for your friends could be an excellent way to finally de-stress and catch up with your friends before the big day arrives.

Your wedding party has seen your highs but they have probably pulled you out of a few meltdowns or three. Giving tokens of appreciation to your wedding party for their participation is not only in good taste but it can also help to solidify whatever bond you have with your team.

The gifts that you buy don’t even need to be extravagant or pricey; it can even be DIYed as long as it comes from the heart. The thought is all that matters, so make it count.