How to Choose a Car as a New Driver


Getting your licence for the very first time is so exciting. A whole world of possibilities awaits you. While before you may have been stuck on the bus, train or tram, you’re now free to travel where you like, when you like, with who you like and at any time of day. You just need to get behind the wheel and go. But wait, are we getting ahead of ourselves here? We might be, because what if you don’t own a car yet?

If you’re in this pickle, don’t stress. Choosing a car can be a confusing time. There are so many makes and models to consider. You’ve also got to decide if you buy new or used. Today, we’re going to take away some of the confusion and explain how to choose a car as a new driver. Let’s explore this more below.

Match the Car to Your Needs

You must consider your lifestyle, stage of life and personal needs when picking a car. For example, if you are young and living in the city, a compact SUV in Australia is a great choice. Smaller SUVs have all the style of a smaller car, along with the manoeuvrability, but with more storage room and a greater feeling of control. You’ll also find that compact sports utility vehicles have excellent fuel economy, saving you money at the bowser that you can then spend on other things that matter to you.

Determine Your Budget

Once you’ve decided on a type of vehicle, you need to determine your budget as this will have serious implications for your purchasing power. This will also factor into the decision to buy a new or a used vehicle. A good idea is to use a free online budgeting tool, which will allow you to input your income, expenses and determine how much you can save each year. This will be highly useful when applying for finance, as you want to ensure that you can afford repayments as well as other ongoing costs related to owning a car, like insurance, fuel, maintenance and registration.

Do Your Research

Unfortunately, not all car makes are equal. Some have higher reported instances of unreliability than others. As your new car is probably the second-largest purchase in life you’ll make, behind a home, you want to ensure that the make you choose will keep you on the road for years to come. This is where you must do your research. Read review sites, internet forums, ask your friends, family and colleagues. Be a savvy consumer and pick a highly-reliable make.

Consider Warranties

The majority of car manufacturers are now offering either five or seven-year warranties on their new vehicles. This means that if there is a major mechanical or electrical fault, the company will fix it for you free of charge. It is worth choosing a brand that offers a seven-year warranty. This means that you have seven years of peace of mind.

Wrapping Up

There are a few things to consider when buying a car as a new driver. First, you need to match the size of your car to your needs – a compact SUV may be a great choice for a young driver. Next, determine your budget, as this will inform your choice of make as well as if you buy new or used. Finally, don’t forget to do your research and consider brands that offer seven-year warranties, so you can drive around knowing that, if anything goes wrong, it will get sorted.