How To Choose A Flame Resistant Coverall


While some jobs might give you the freedom to wear whatever you want to work, most of them have a strict guideline on the type of clothing to come to work with. Perhaps for uniformity? Or to ensure your safety while working? Jobs such as firefighting have strict guidelines on how the firefighters should dress. We can all attest to the fact that dealing with fire is no joke, and it is, therefore, imperative for anyone in the job to ensure that their safety is their number one priority.

Here you are, you went through the intense fire training exercises and eventually landed yourself the firefighting job, what next? Of course, you will also be handed over with a list of which the number one essential will probably be the protective gears you should have when you report for work; which further begs the question, how can you choose the right gear? Find out more below.

  1. The company to buy from

Before you even set foot in any given store that sells heat resistant coveralls, it is vital first to do your due diligence. Take some time and get referrals from your coworkers and ask them where they purchased their coveralls from. Get the referrals from three or four of them in order to have some options to choose from. Also, be sure to check the reviews on the various FR coveralls manufacturers such as Insulflex. Good reviews are a clear indication that you can trust that given company whereas bad reviews tell you one thing; move on to the next! However, be very keen on the reviews too, you might find a customer complaining that their coverall did not last long only to find out that they are the ones who did not follow the maintenance requirements.

  1. What material is it made of?

Another vital element you need to consider is the material of the protective gear. As aforementioned, you will be dealing with fire rescue operations under temperatures above 1,100 degrees Farenheight or so, as such you need to be keen on the material of the coverall before purchasing it. Keep in mind that there are counterfeits that look like the original material; more reason you need to stick to a reliable and reputable manufacturer. So much so, most often, the list you will be given by your employer will provide you with details on the exact type of material you should go for. 

  1. Think about your comfortability

Can you imagine being in an uncomfortable gear for more than 6 hours? For sure, it is simply unbearable. As such, you need to ensure that the coverall you choose is comfortable, in that you will not be dreading to get it off simply because you are uncomfortable. If you are shopping from a physical store, fit the coverall first. Conversely, when shopping online, ensure that you know your measurements well. Besides, most online stores have a return policy whereby, in case of any issue with the coverall, you can always return it in exchange for another. Pro-tip; never choose a bigger coverall or a smaller coverall, always go for the best fit.

  1. How to maintain the coveralls

Of course, for increased durability, you need to ensure that you maintain your coverall as expected. The material of the garment is one detrimental factor that guides you on how to clean and take care of your gear. Besides, most of the protective gears come with clear instructions on how to wash them, dry them, and so on. Neglecting these instructions will not only reduce the longevity of the coverall but also cost you more money as you will have to keep on replacing them after a short period.  

  1. Check for any additional features

Do you need extra pockets? A zipper? Sleeves? Gone are the days where you had only one option ; today, there are a plethora of coveralls you can choose from. The coveralls come in different colors, designs, shapes, and other additional features. However, be sure to check with your boss if they allow any extra features on your garment so long as the gear maintains the quality and safety standards.