How to Choose a Residential Flagpole


Selecting the proper flagpole is as essential as getting the best flag.

After purchasing your flag, you need a strong and tall-standing pole to keep its glory.

And there are various things that you have to put in mind when selecting a residential flag pole.

You don’t just decide on picking the first flag pole you see, it might not be best suited for the flag you intend to use it with.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll be examining the things that you have to put into consideration when choosing a residential flag pole.

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Factors To Consider When Getting Your Flagpole

You should consider the following when sourcing the best flag pole for your flags.

  • Size/Height

In this case, you would have to consider where your flag wants to stand.

If you put the size and height of your flag into consideration when getting your flag pole, then you’ll be left with minimal issues.

You don’t want the full glory of your flag to be buried in shrubs and trees right? Then don’t stand your flag where they exist.

Firstly consider the place you want to put your flag, so that it will be visible, in all its glory before you go ahead to purchase a flag pole that wouldn’t deliver as expected 

The place you decide to stand the flag should be free from things like plants, trees, bushes, shrubs and other similar items that might interfere with its magnificence.

Ideally, the flagpole shouldn’t be too large nor small when compared in length and size to your home.

Generally, the height for a residential flagpole is 20 feet, however, if you live in a double story house, you would have to consider going for 25-feet tall flagpoles.

  • The Most Suitable Material For Your Flagpole

Commonly, you find people going for their preferential aluminium or fiberglass flagpoles.

So what’s both material about?

Firstly, fiberglass is coated with a glossy material that is resistant to scratches of all sorts and it provides the flagpole with every aesthetic it needs.

More so, it tolerates higher wind load and is mostly preferred by people living in areas with high wind speeds.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the aluminium material which is sturdy and strong.

Generally, aluminium flagpoles require low maintenance, how great is that?

And they are mostly used in commercial plots and areas but are also not an uncommon residential flagpole choice.

  • Styling Option

After selecting the best material for your flagpole, you need to consider the best styling option likewise.

You can choose from a wide range of three options: one-piece, sectional and telescoping.

Of all the three, one-piece flagpoles are the strongest. This is because they are made of fiberglass and are best for people living in places with high wind speeds.

You can also pick the sectional flagpoles, which come in sections that need to be put together when setting them up. 

However,  after the final construction, they give a seamless and breathtaking look.

Lastly, telescoping flagpoles are similar to sectional flagpoles. 

The major difference being that they have an interlocking sleeve system that holds the pole in place and provides it with the necessary support.