How to Choose Kitchen Window Treatments


Transforming your home space seems exciting, simple and hassle -free initially, especially if it is your first time. However, once you get into the task, it does not only feel daunting, but also uninitiated. Some spaces in your home serve a special purpose and undeniably require your special attention, such as the kitchen. No matter how much time you like to spend in your kitchen, it is one of the most important spaces in your home. You cook, eat, or use the space sometimes for common small gatherings that makes it the heart of your home.

That is why this spot has to be lively and colorful where people can enjoy.  Window treatments play a very important role when it comes to enhancing the overall look of the entire kitchen space. The right kitchen window treatment can make your kitchen more functional and spacious. That is what makes choosing the right window treatment even more important.

If you have no experience on how to choose the best window treatment for your kitchen, we have you covered here. Below we have enlisted some interesting ideas to incorporate embellishment and softness (according to your taste) to your kitchen.

How to Choose Kitchen Window Treatment?

Kitchen windows are mostly located across or over a stove or sink. From tossing dirty utensils, scraping bits of pasta to wiping greasy pans and platters, we use sinks for many purposes. That is why it is very important to choose suitable window treatment that is easy-to-clean, yet looks stylish. Here are some good choices.

Solar Shades

Solar shades are included in one of the simple yet stylish options when you talk about the best window treatment. The easy-to-clean option needs to be only wiped out with water and soap, saving you lot of time. Offering a minimal look, solar shades keep the glare out and enable you to enjoy the outside view while working in the kitchen.

Plus, the shades are an added bonus to keep the sweltering heat of sun from invading your kitchen space. The shades are modern, slim and are completely hassle-free window treatment.

Shutters and Wood Blinds

Shutters and wood blinds are some of the preferable options for window treatment among many people. The quality of easy-to-clean messy spot is what sets them apart from other window shutters.  They can withstand water splotches and you can easily wipe all the dirt with a damp cloth.

If there is a huge window wall across your kitchen area, there is no better choice than these PVC built windows. They make a real dynamo option for the busy workplaces like a kitchen. Not only do shutters offer a timeless and easy- to- clean feature, but they also offer a refined look to your kitchen.

Cellular Shades

It is another smart choice for your kitchen window treatment, offering you a wide range of color assortments. If you prefer a decorative scheme with bold statement to cover your windows, cellular shades can do that for you. Not only do they filter the harsh sunlight, but also set a different mood and tone for your kitchen.

Moreover, when it comes to increasing energy saving, cellular shades are undeniably phenomenal.  They are energy efficient and help you keep your kitchen space warm or cool accordingly. Cellular shades bounce back when you open them, retaining a brand new look to splash an easy comfort to your kitchen space.

Roller Shades

Whether it is your kitchen dining area, island bar or breakfast nook, roller shades with their sprightly patterns can zinc up any kitchen. Solid colors and vibrant shades fit seamlessly into your kitchen windows. All you need to do is roll down the shade when you want to brighten up your mood or need inspiration for challenging recipes.

Hence, anything can be done with this easy-to-go window treatment.  If you want to add on a unique style or variety, choosing roller shades with non-splattering fabric is an ideal option.

Woven Wood

There is no denying that handmade things can never go out of style, and when it is about window treatment option, woven wood is one the best choices to offset the impression of hard kitchen appliances and surfaces.

The elegant window coverings are one–of-its-kinds as they are woven from bamboo and jutes, all naturally grown material. They can give a classic look if your kitchen space has a neutral white theme.  By choosing this window treatment, you can add a lot of character to your kitchen, and make it look more dramatic.

Final Thoughts

All in all, window treatment adds class to your kitchen space whether you have a big or small house. They can flank a large window bay, even a sliding door to make a spacious bright statement. Choosing the best window treatment is important to enhance the decorative effects and to improve the stationary valances of your kitchen.