How to Choose Long-Term Self Storage


If you live in a densely populated city in the UK, there is a big chance that you will be renting a place for long term storage at some point. 

Whether it is to store your stuff in case you are moving abroad for a couple years or to store your overflowing wardrobe items throughout the year, long term storage units must be chosen carefully. 

There are so many options to pick and choose from in all cities. You can choose London or Brighton self storage units to cater to your storage needs.

While there are multiple options to choose from, there are some crucial points that you must consider before choosing a long term storage facility. 

Let’s have a look at some things to analyse in a facility whether it is a student storage company, a long term storage warehouse for your business or simply an extra closet space for your wardrobe.

Is it close to where you live? 

The location of a storage facility is important to consider whether you are renting the space for long term storage or short term. 

Depending on the belongings that you need to put in a storage facility, analyse carefully, how often you’d need to access the facility. 

If you are moving abroad and won’t need to visit the storage facility often, then it doesn’t matter much where your long term storage unit is located. However, if you think you would need to make frequent trips, it’s always a good idea to find a unit nearby. 

Some long term storage units like Brighton self storage units by STORED, offer door to door service and you don’t have to visit the storage facility at all. 

Unlike, Brighton self storage units, all you need to do with STORED is make a call  and they’d bring you your belongings which will save you the trip cost as well. 

Is it easily accessible?

When renting a long term storage space, just like location, it is also important to note when the facility is accessible. You need to pick a facility through which you can have access to your belongings whenever you need. 

Some facilities are closed on the weekends. If you work from Monday to Friday and the only time to access stuff from the facility is the weekends than this is definitely not a good fit for you. 

It is recommended to pick a storage unit that is accessible all days of the week. For example; some Brighton self storage units provide a 24/7 secure facility. STORED is better than self storage. You just need to call them in advance and they pick and deliver your stuff at your convenience.

This kind of facility is especially great for students, using a student storage facility, who are always engaged with one class or another throughout the week. 

How much does it cost? 

A research carried out by SSAUK (Self Storage Association UK) surveyed what people would expect to pay for a 100 square foot unit/month. The results of the survey showed that 29% of people didn’t know self storage prices and only 8% of people guessed the correct self storage prices for their region.

Prices of storage units can be tricky because they vary from person to person depending on the size, duration and the type of unit that you rent. While it is a good idea to do a comparison between the rates of various facilities, it is an even better idea to see what a particular facility has to offer in deals and discounts.

A lot of facilities offer discounts if you are opting for long term storage. In fact some even offer the space for free in the first couple of months while others offer generous discounts. 

For example, Brighton self storage units may offer some discounts. STORED offers a 15% whole stay discount if you sign up for the long term. Brighton self storage units are great for students as well as they offer them 15% discount when they are storing for 3 or more months.. 

Indoor or outdoor? 

Now choosing an indoor or outdoor storage facility may not make much difference to you. But it is very important to consider a few things. If you want your belongings to be secure, safe and in good condition, it is always a good idea to pick a climate controlled unit.  

You don’t want your electronics to rust or your leather goods to go bad over time. Furniture also tends to spoil in harsh weather conditions. 

Indoor facilities are generally weather controlled, so if your belongings can be damaged by the climate, pick an indoor facility. Some Brighton self storage units may offer climate-control as an add-on. 

Is the facility safe and secure?

If you are renting a storage space for the long term and won’t be making a trip to it often, it is recommended that you pick a storage unit that not only supports premium quality locks but also offers digital surveillance and online inventory.  This is not commonly found in Brighton self storage units but is offered by STORED. 

What do the reviews say? 

This goes without saying, in this day and age if you opt. for a product or service without checking its reviews online, and it turns out bad, you share part of the blame. 

Before getting too excited about cheap rates, always check for reviews online; Better yet, use a facility on the recommendation of a friend or family member. 

Are they offering insurance and liability?

Don’t forget to check if the facility offers an insurance policy. This will be important in cases of theft or damage to your belongings.  Some companies that offer brighton self storage units offer included liability. 

Self storage units are great for long term just make sure that you pick a storage facility that, is safe and secure, is easy on the pocket and offers the most convenient service. Check out all options for Brighton self storage units before deciding.