How to Choose the Right Art for Home Staging?


Home staging can be a significant driver when it comes to selling a home. The presentation and all the items in the home can determine if the client will purchase the house or not. Therefore, it is essential to take keen considerations when it comes to the choice of art installations for the home. Below are some of the key points to look at for successful home staging to sell your house quickly.


Type of Artwork

The artwork can include forms with nature, landscapes, geometric-based shapes, or objects and pictures that are silhouetted as long as they are appropriate. The art installed can also be abstract since it can make the home fascinating and increase the buyers’ overall interest in the home.

It is also crucial to ensure that some types of artworks listed should not be used for home staging. These include Family photographs, religious art pieces, or intimate photos and paintings of any kind.

Artwork Colors

Color is a critical component in home staging. It is based on the colors of the artwork since they can present various atmospheres inside the homes. Brighter colors can make the home look vibrant in contrast to the neutral tones on the walls and the ceilings. The hues of the artwork must blend very well with most of the items in the home. The contrast should not be as distinct but should suit well with the type of mood the home needs for the clients.

Size selection

The artwork’s size should be proportional to the spaces in the interior of the house. It includes the walls, ceilings, and the overall usable area of the home. Considerations should be based on the height and the widths of every part of the house. It includes where the art will be placed for home staging. More enormous walls tend to have more significant art installations, but they should not cover the entire wall or space they are placed on. The same factor applies to smaller areas. These should have art that is clear and, at the same time, small enough to be accommodated on the space. There should be a balance between all the walls that the artworks are staged on.

The artwork rooms

For home staging, artworks should not just be placed randomly in any room. The artwork should be able to represent the room very professionally. It is essential as every room within a house is unique, and the artworks should be able to provide the perfect environment for this.

Living rooms are at the center of any home staging. The type of art placed in them can give an overall perspective of the entire home. The artwork can make the clients more interested in viewing the rest of the house. It can be intimidating, but if done right, it can help in selling the home very quickly. The art pieces in this room can vary. They can range from the standard canvas wall art to other forms of art such as sculptures as long as they reflect a positive image of the home.

For the kitchen, artworks can also be installed. It is not generally thought of, but the kitchen is a vital part of the house for homeowners. The kitchen can be a significant attraction to the viewers, which can prompt them to purchase the home with little considerations of the other sections of the house. Due to the above, art is critical to be included in this area. These can be placed on countertops and event the space above the cabinets. The artworks can be smaller with positive and homely messages on them perfect for morning inspirations.

The bedroom should have art that represents relaxation and peace. Putting the sculptures right opposite the wall facing the end of the bed is the best place. Placing them over the bed can also work and should have clarity in all aspects of the art.

Most of the time, art installations are not considered to be placed in the bathroom. Bathrooms should also be as unique as possible, and the art can portray a better image of this. Brighter art pieces can be used in the powder room, while bigger bathrooms should have serene art pieces. Within bathrooms, paired art pieces work very well in establishing a perfect bathroom vibe and environment.


It is vital that the buyers feel as comfortable as possible when viewing the house. It will be determined by every art installation used within the residence. Every art and every room presentation in home staging does increase the chances of buying a home. It is also important to note that the artwork pieces need not be expensive. Just because it is costly doesn’t mean it will make the home sell quickly. It is all about the uniqueness and its representation in the house.