How To Choose The Right Geysers For Your Home This Winter


You do a lot to make your family members happy and safe. But have you installed a geyser/water heater yet? If not, worry no more, as a water heater is all you need to beat the winter blues. 

But finding the best geysers can be challenging. There are several factors like the built quality, speed, BEE-rating, storage capacity, style, and price that you need to consider. 

So, what parameters should you consider before bringing home an instant geyser or water heater? Read on to know!

Consider Your Motive

Considering your motive behind the purchase should be your priority. Do you need it to complement your home decor while saving space or you don’t mind if functionality overrules style?

Water heaters come in three types – Instant Geysers, Storage Water Heater, and Immersion Water Heaters. 

If you want to save space and need hot water really fast, an instant geyser is all you need. If you want the water heater to be a one-geyser-for-all-purposes, then a storage water heater can fit the best. The immersion water heater is the sleekest of all and can fit on any bucket.  

Does it Save Electricity?

The best geysers always save your money while providing you comfort. The BEE rating of a water heater speaks a lot about its potential for saving energy.

Usually, the best geysers come with a BEE rating of 4-Star and above. 

Go for companies that manufacture best geyser/water heaters with a 5-star BEE rating, such as Crompton. The best geysers ideally consume no more than 1 Watt every 7 hours. 

Hence, if you want your geyser to provide comfort minus heavy electric consumption, you can trust Crompton geysers. 

Decide on the Storage Capacity

The best geysers should respect your need for space. Moreover, storage also has a direct bearing on electricity consumption. 

If you install a water heater that supplies more hot water than you need, then it may lead to the wastage of water. Hence, choosing the right size is paramount. 

The best geysers offer you flexible water storage capacity from 1 litre to 25 litres. For a small family of 4 persons, a ten litres water tank would be perfect. However, if your family size is big, or you require hot water for multiple purposes, then going for a bigger geyser makes more sense. Crompton geysers come in various shapes and sizes, and you can choose the best one according to your needs and convenience. 

Do You Want Fast Heating?

In an age where everything is moving at lightning speed, you won’t want your water heater to heat at a snail’s pace. 

Move to the new-age water heaters, whose gyroscopic technology and copper and polymer heating element charge up the water much before you can prepare a cup of coffee. Its metallic body retains heat for a longer time than conventional water heaters and provides you with hot water whenever you want. Crompton geysers come loaded with all these features and can guarantee quick heating, whenever you want. 

Think About Safety

The best geysers always take care of you and your family’s safety. If a water heater cannot control the temperature inside, then it can pose life risk to those who are using it from outside. 

Ideally, 3-level protection is all you need to make your geyser safe. Nowadays, the best geysers come with an inbuilt auto shut-off mechanism that automatically switches itself off in case of any malfunction. Moreover, its corrosion-resistant body prevents the geyser from overheating and protects you against electric shocks. 

The Price Factor 

The best geysers are those that offer you faster heating, have reliable, built quality, saves electricity, and is available at an affordable price. The best instant geysers usually start from INR 4,000 and may go up to INR 6,000. Storage water heaters with its characteristic big tanks come in the range of INR 7,500 and INR 10,500.


Whatever your need, there are always water geysers that can fit your criteria. Be it energy rating, price, reliability, or promptness, the new-age geysers, from brands like Crompton, score high on all aspects. With winters round the corner, a geyser can not only be the source of a relaxing bath but can also be your most prized asset.