How to Choose the Right Type of Lodging for Your Family While Traveling 


When it comes to family travel, one of the main factors for comfort is your lodging. Whether you are planning a family vacation or a simple weekend getaway, you want to stay somewhere that is comfortable, convenient and affordable. But how do you choose the best option for your trip? Below are a few examples of lodging types that you family can use when traveling. Consider your destination as well as what you require during your stay in order to be the most comfortable as you enjoy your time together. 

Hotel Stay

One of the most common lodging choices for family travel is a hotel stay. Hotels are inexpensive and offer a wealth of amenities such as activities as well as dining. Let’s say you are looking for Lodging in Bryce Canyon. A hotel will offer you quality lodging at an affordable price, dining options on-site for convenient meals and a ton of activities in the region. You can easily rest at the hotel or enjoy fun with the family without going anywhere. 

RV Park/Campground

Another option for lodging is an RV Park or campground facilities. If you have an RV, this type of accommodation is convenient and affordable. You simply drive your RV on the trip, settle at the park and enjoy your stay. Campgrounds are also a good choice if you enjoy roughing it. Easily pitch a tent and enjoy outdoor activities as a family. Primitive sites are an option that offer little to no extras while standard sites can provide a grill for cooking, running water and nearby bathroom facilities. 

Cabin Style Lodging

Depending on where you are traveling, you might have the option to rent a cabin. This a good choice for travelers as you will have plenty of space along with options for cooking. A cabin provides you with bedrooms for everyone along with additional amenities at times, including pool tables, foosball, even hot tubs! Many families prefer this option when it fits into the budget due to the space and comfort level of such lodgings.


Similar to a cabin but often smaller, condos are another great choice for lodging when traveling with family. You can find multiple bedroom options that include one or more bathrooms along with a kitchen space for cooking. Condos can be an affordable option and offer amenities such as a swimming pool, workout room or arcade. 

These are just a few options for lodging when traveling with family during a vacation or weekend getaway. Finding the right solution for you depends on your budget, the size of your traveling party and what you want access to. Hotels are a top choice due to convenience, price and dining options on-site. They can be the most affordable when compared to condos or cabins. 

Take time to search your options based on where you are traveling and then make a decision based on your family’s needs and budget. By comparing your options, you can narrow down your choices and find the right lodging for a perfect family trip!