How to choose the right vacuum cleaner?


Vacuum cleaner is one of the equipments that every homeowner must have in their houses. It is an appliance that sucks all the dust and dirt from the floors, walls, curtains and other surfaces. The suction technology is utilized which helps in creation of vacuum and sucks all the potential dirt.

The gadget is in demand and there are hundreds of models available in the market. This makes it difficult for the end-consumer to make a choice. Fortunately, there are some ways in which you can put your hands on the best vacuum cleaners. Here are tips to do so:

  • Decide the type

There are many types of vacuum cleaners in the market. This is why you first need to make the decision as to the type you want. Handheld vacuum are the ideal and conventional form used by most of the homeowners. Click Here to know more information on handheld vacuum cleaners and their features.

Stick vacuum cleaners can be beneficial if you want to reach tiny corners. Autonomous vacuum cleaners are the latest models but tend to be expensive due to the technology it utilizes. 

  • Choose the right filter

Choosing the right filter is the next thing you need to do. Whenever dust particles are sucked, they are deposited into a bag. Essential purpose of the filter is to trap the particles and dust. There are many kinds of filters available as well. For instance, choose a disposable filter which needs to be replaced after each session. Washable filters tend to save on cost that can be washed every time it is used.

  • Cord or cordless

With the progression of technology in this industry, there are cordless vacuum cleaners available as well. Cord vacuum cleaners are the normal conventional forms that are to be plugged into a socket. On the other hand, cordless vacuum cleaners are newer. It eliminates all the hassle associated with wires. However, it tends to be more expensive and the life is relatively short compared to vacuum cleaners that come with a cord.

  • Weight and size

Weight and size is one of the major factors you must take into account. Every homeowner avoids carrying a vacuum cleaner all around the house that comes with considerable weight. A weight and sizeable vacuum cleaner is not at all preferable. People with back problems will also face this issues associated with heavy weight and size. There is also a problem with storage if the weight and size is more than normal. So consider a lightweight model.

  • Price

Price is something that we take into account when purchasing anything. This especially applies to vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners are not generally cheap. This is why you need to form a budget whenever purchasing this gadget. However, not all expensive models tend to be of good quality. Rather than basing your decision on price solely, it is recommendable to look out for quality. Also go through different reviews and feedbacks in order to make a well-informed decision. It helps to do comparison shopping as well.