How to Choose Your Hobby Model Lighting Accessories


Do you admire model villages and miniatures? Are you a model train enthusiast? If you like all things tiny and enjoy crafting in miniature, it helps to know about all the amazing techniques for model lighting. 

Whether you’re constructing an entire village or just making one little house, adding real lighting is the best way to go. Having real light shine through the tiny windows of your miniature buildings will always make them cozier. 

If you’ve never installed miniature lights before and don’t know where to start, fear not. That’s why we wrote this article! We’ll help you take your tiny masterpieces from super nice to drop-dead gorgeous.

Here’s all you need to know about model lighting solutions for your hobby building projects.

Things You Can Do With LED Lights for Hobby Projects

LED lighting is inexpensive and powerful. LEDs don’t require as much electricity as other types of lighting. For tiny projects, LED lighting is the perfect lighting solution.

Dollhouse and miniatures building is one of the most refreshing hobbies to do if you like seeing the big picture. 

Unlike gardening and painting, you work on an extremely small scale, so it’s easy to create entire universes in a small area.

If you’ve ever wanted to build your own Christmas miniature village, you’re in good company. Christmas lighting projects are especially fun to work on because you can show off your talent.

When family and friends come over to celebrate you can impress them with replicas of their favorite places.

With the right set of LED miniature lights, you can make your entire miniature town glow. It’s always exciting to create a realistic replica of your favorite places.

Other Projects Where You Can Use LED Lighting

In addition to model train and holiday villages, here are a few other hobby projects where you can use LED lighting. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but it should get your creative ideas flowing.

Model Vehicles

Light up your miniature cars with LED headlights and brake lights. If you’re into sci-fi modeling, give your spaceship interiors that blue technology glow.


Craft miniature lamps and chandeliers for your dollhouses. Include lights for the exterior and light up miniature Christmas trees.

Crafts Lanterns and Designer Lamps

Be a paper artist and make lanterns and paper shades for every room in your house. You won’t have to worry about fire because very little heat is generated by the LEDs.

Greeting Cards

Craft your own magical cards that light up with the help of wired-in LEDs. It only takes a tiny switch, your favorite colored LEDs, and some colorfully printed cardstock.

Fish Bowls 

Got a fish in your family? Then light up its fishbowl! Place LED lighting underneath your fishbowl or tank and turn it into a nautical night light. You’ll be able to see your pets better and keep the tank sparkling clean.

Door Wreaths

Light up your seasonal door wreaths with tiny LED lights for a spectacular touch. Whether it’s Christmas, Easter, or just summertime, make your door decor stand out from the rest of the neighborhood’s.

LED Chandeliers

If you have a flair for modern interior design, use LEDs for your very own homemade chandelier. You can hang them, ball them up, or drape them over a metal or paper frame. 

Save Money By Doing it Yourself

Highly detailed village curio sets and life-like architectural models are expensive. When you build your own miniature models and villages, you can save a ton of money.

You can create the illusion of super-high-priced items. Then surprise your friends and family by telling them that you made them yourself!

By using the right model lighting solutions, you can get the right look for your model train village or mantle-top neighborhood. And you’ll be able to do it without having to spend a fortune. 

Model lighting is incredibly detailed, and you’d think it would be super expensive. But most miniature lighting kits are surprisingly affordable.

Most miniature lighting has to be wired in, which takes time and patience. But if you don’t want to wire every single little light, you could opt to use battery-powered wireless lighting for models. 

Specialty Characteristics of LEDs

LEDs and scale model lighting go hand-in-hand. LEDs are tiny, versatile, and can be customized based on their intended use. Here are some LED features that you can use to help you select the right ones for your projects.

Blink and Flash Settings

If you need blinking lights in a sci-fi model or model train set, look for pre-programmed blinking LEDs. You can wire them up just like any other LEDs and they’ll do all the work for you.

Different Brightness Levels

If you want to adjust the light intensity of your LEDs, use a dimmer switch on your model. You can also buy pre-set brightness levels according to what you’re looking for.

A Large Color Variety

LEDs come in all colors of the rainbow, so don’t worry about finding the right color for your project. Remember that the bluer an LED is, the warmer it is, and the redder an LED is, the cooler it is.

Many Configurations

LED lights for hobby projects come in different sizes. So if you don’t like them super tiny, you’re in luck. They typically range in sizes from 1.8 mm to 20 mm and are available in various shapes.

If you don’t work with LEDs on a regular basis, it’s common not to know what sized LED you need. Take the confusion out of choosing the right LED size by doing a bit of research online.

Low Heat

LEDs are much cooler than other types of lighting because they don’t emit infrared radiation.

They’re much safer for use with common model-making materials because they don’t cause heat buildup. This makes them much more flexible for different types of projects, and more user-friendly.

LEDs Provide Hobby and Model Lighting Solutions for Everyone

LEDs are user-friendly and here to stay. To make your project stand out in a crowd, add LED lighting.

For the best selection, choose your LEDs based on the type of project you’re working on and the LED characteristics that you want.

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