How To Create A Cool, Comfortable Living Environment


Australians are living in one of the world’s most beautiful paradises. At least three-quarters of the year, the country experiences hot to mild weather, requiring them only to use their air-conditioning unit in the summers in the intense heat. While energy bills peak in the summer for Aussies, there are a million ways to reduce the impact of your cooling bill year round.

These simple tricks can help you enjoy the milder weather in the autumn and spring months while being able to comfortably run your air conditioning unit in the summers. By maximising your use of air conditioning during the summer months and taking advantage of passive cooling methods, homeowners can find that the effort and cost to stay cool during these times of the year is no effort. Creating a cool, comfortable living environment involves maintenance and creativity to be effective.

Let’s take a closer look at just a few ways you can guarantee your home is always comfortable and cool.

Passive Cooling And Fans

One of the easiest ways to cool your home is to use a roof ventilation in conjunction with passive cooling to keep the home comfortable. If you have a screened-in door or a security door, a fan that runs while air from the outside circulates into the home can create an air conditioning effect, requiring you to use very little energy. This technique really works well with homes that have front and back doors that face each other, but for most homes, it can give you the requisite amount of air to cool the space, especially during the months when the weather is not so extreme.

Off Season Cooling

Australia is a country where the weather is marked by extremes – especially in the summer and reasonably cold winter. Australian summers, especially, require homeowners have an air conditioning unit because the heat can be so intense. While the winters are not as cold as in North America and Europe, it still can get pretty chilly, chilly enough to run the heat.

However, autumn and spring are both very mild and are opportunities for homeowners and renters to take advantage of the weather. As opposed to relying on central air conditioning, consider opening up the doors and cooling the home through passive cooling.  By taking advantage of ways to naturally cool your home during the spring and autumn months, you stand to save.

Clean Ducts And Regular Maintenance

When you do have to use your air conditioning unit, consider getting it serviced before the summer season and before things heat up. This is the time to make sure all ducts and filters are cleared of the dust, dust mites, dander, and a number of particles that can sit on the filter and make the entire unit run inefficiently. Cleaning air conditioning ducts and having your unit maintained can guarantee that it runs efficiently the entire summer.

Block Out Shades

Another thing homeowners can do during the characteristically hot summers is to invest in block out shades. These shades act as a tint on windows and can drastically reduce the amount of heat that enters the home. The shades are simple to put up and adhere to the windows through an adhesive that is already on the screen used to cover the window.

Cool Escapes

There are a number of other ways to keep your home cool throughout the year regardless of the season. By relying on natural cooling sources, fans, and plain air conditioning, residents can enjoy their indoor space. More importantly, they can enjoy their space without the worry of high cooling costs.