How to Create a Mother’s Day Gift Basket She’ll Love


Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8!

Surprise your magnificent mama with a gift basket that will make her smile from ear to ear.

There’s no better time to spoil the woman who does it all than Mother’s Day. This year, give her the gift of a bountiful gift basket that honors her preferences, personality and favorite foods. Step one? Skip the generic, pre-wrapped gift basket from the florist and opt instead for a DIY showstopper stuffed with staples handpicked just for her. You might be surprised to find that it’s easy, fun and surprisingly affordable to put together a delightful homemade gift basket that’s a true one of a kind, just like your mama. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Pick a Theme — Before you so much as glance at the baskets in the craft aisle, decide on a theme that suits mom’s interests and personality. For example, if she’s a big foodie or a seasoned home chef, plan to pack your basket with gourmet gifts and cookbooks. If she adores gardening, head to the local garden center for seeds, bulbs and fun garden accessories she will adore. No matter what she’s into, there’s a theme to honor it.

Here are some great Mother’s Day gift basket themes to consider:

  • Weekend getaway, featuring an overnight stay at a special destination. Add luxe travel-themed gifts, such as a travel pillow or robe.
  • Glamorous garden, packed with stylish garden tools, gloves and special bulbs. 
  • Movie night, featuring a Netflix gift card, movie theater popcorn, candy and a throw blanket for a cozy night in.
  • Self-care luxury, featuring bath bombs, body lotion and a gift card to the spa.
  • Margarita Mother’s Day, featuring all the fixings to make perfect margaritas at home, including glasses, her favorite tequila and gourmet rim salt.
  • Gourmet picnic, featuring delicious picnic foods and a soft, washable blanket.
  • Literary luxe, featuring a gift card to her favorite bookstore or audio book service as well as some of the current best-sellers in her genre of choice.
  • A fun night out, featuring a stylish outfit and a gift card to her favorite local restaurant or bar.
  • Chocolate and wine, packed with chocolate and a bottle (or two) of her favorite vintage.

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  1. Pick Your Basket — Once you’ve settled on a theme, you can start the hunt for the perfect gift basket vessel. Contrary to popular belief, the standard woven basket isn’t the only way to go when you’re designing a thoughtful gift basket for mom (unless, of course, she’s a big basket collector). Handbags, weekender bags, wooden boxes, buckets, planters, cookie jars and even watering cans serve as clever containers to house all of your handpicked presents. As long as it aligns with your theme and can hold all your gifts, you’re good to go! Pro tip: Pick a basket that’s big enough for all of your items but small enough that you can create a bountiful, overflowing look.
  2. Add Gourmet Gifts — The best part of any gift basket is the gourmet treats! Choose edible essentials that honor what she loves — coffee, tea, wine or sweets. If mama is a big-time baker or home cook, consider surprising her with some extra-special gourmet ingredients that she can use to whip up special meals. For example, if she loves making her own pasta or pizza dough, she’ll love a basket filled with decadent 00 flour she may not typically spring for. Gourmet sprinkles, special spices, locally made condiments or delicious sauces make great stuffers, too!  
  3. Add Sweet Accessories — In addition to tasty treats and yummy beverages, you’ll want to stuff your gift basket with plenty of meaningful presents handpicked just for her. If she loves to cook or bake, add a classic cookbook or two (a Martha Stewart cookbook is always a winner). If she loves to garden, throw in some new gardening gloves or tools. If your goal is to give your mom something that will encourage her to relax and enjoy a little self-care, throw in some luxurious bath bombs, candles, body lotion, body spray or shower gel. Make sure to add in some gift basket stuffer, such as shredded paper or tissue paper, to add a professional touch. You can easily make filler yourself to save a few bucks and give your basket an eco-friendly twist.

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  1. Wrap It Up — If you want to make your gift basket look like it came straight from the florist, you’re going to want to wrap it up like the pros do. Head to the craft store and grab a roll of cellophane, making sure to choose one that’s wide enough to fully encompass the entire basket or box with one or two sheets. Gather the open edges of the plastic wrap at the top and secure it using a big bow or silk flowers.
  2. Don’t Forget the Card — You’re not done yet! Before handing over your big gift basket to mom, make sure to add a hand-written card. While making a handmade gift basket alone is a great gesture, a card adds a personal touch and allows you to shower mom with words of love and gratitude. Take the opportunity to thank her for everything she has done for you over the years and express how much she means to you. As much as she’ll adore the wine and candy, we’re willing to bet this will be her favorite part of the whole gift!

The Big Presentation

If you follow the above tips, you’ll undoubtedly get a big, joyful response from mom. If you’ll be together on Mother’s Day, make sure to present it to her at brunch or dinner with a bouquet of fresh flowers. If you’re shipping it, try to get it to the post office at least a week beforehand so she has it ready to open — preferably via FaceTime — on her special day.