How to Customize Trackpad on Mac


The one thing I like the best about the Macs, that they have a lot of trackpad gestures. You can look up for something, change your desktops, etc. You can customize the trackpad to work how you like using the mouse and the keyboard preferences. But, I am sure, that you would want more than few functions on a quick click your trackpad can do. It is a splendid opportunity to make the tasks easier and also save your time achieving different actions. A lot of the complex operations could be transferred into quick and straightforward click on the way. This is good to have some gestures on your Mac. Because you can perform various deeds without any hefty loads in few seconds.

Better Touch Tool is universal Mac application to customize your trackpad. It also includes input devices as Macbook Trackpad, Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse, Touch Bar customization, Siri/Apple Remote, Normal Mouse Gestures, Normal Mouse Buttons, Keyboard Shortcuts, Key Sequences / Text Triggers, BTT Remote (iOS) Triggers. It provides Windows-style window snapping. This excellent software allows you to customize your input devices and helps you to work the way you like it. The clipboard manager, powerful screenshot tool, integrated clipboard manager, editor are the advantages of the application. You can download it here and install it easily.

Better Touch Tool is a must-have app for customizing your Mac.

How to Set Up Trackpad Gestures

You will find Better Touch Tool’s interface from the first glance, but it would be better if you break it down. If you want to customize your trackpad:

  • If you would like to start making the new custom options with Better Touch Tool, please, install it on your Mac.
  • The application will be available at the menu bar, so you can easily launch this tool after installation. Now it is the time to launch this tool on your device so begin up doing this action.
  • Click on the menu icon inside the tool and then click again on the preferences option. So, now I will tell you how to create and add new gestures.
  • To create the custom gesture click the “Trackpad” and then click “Add New Gesture”. Then move to the bottom of the window: on the left, you can pick a gesture on the right – trigger it.
  • Click “Please Select a Gesture” which appears towards the bottom of the window. And look what is offered. There are different categories out here. Each category has its options, so select the option from the drop-down list. Like you will tend to see middle button click, right button click options.
  • Than shift “Preferred Action” on the right. There are various types here, so select the right option trough the appearing drop-down list. The range of the actions are staggering: almost anything macOS can do is offered here. You can easily select what you like.
  • When we choose the action, we have the complete action done. The application will now appear as an option in Better Touch Tool’s left-hand menu; make sure it’s selected in this menu, and then build your option as normal.

Now you know the importance of the trackpad customizing and can easily define and create your trackpad gestures on the Mac for the better control of the tasks and processing the actions rather quickly. You can use Better Touch Tool to add custom options that trigger a wide range of operations across the macOS system and even within the specific software. I hope this review helps you and now can easily create custom gestures for any function with BetterTouchTool.