How to deal with and what to do after overeating


Everyone remembers his best, yet worst days in front of a table full of delicious food that one cannot resist. Thus usually happens during the holidays. We all enjoy the calories we eat, even though we regret it later. But that’s not all! The worst part comes the day we go back to the reality and stop eating that much. It is when the stomach notes the difference in the amount of food it gets, therefore starts reacting appropriately. This results with physical pain, stomach ache, exhaustion, even flatulence and spending hours and hours in the bed.

However, if there occures a problem it means that there must exist a solution! There is something you can do immediatelly about it, in order to feel better.

  1. Chew a ginger or take a ginger tea.

It is prooved that the ginger is a natural cure for vomiting, stomach gas, flatulence and a regular stomach ache. If you want to see faster and effective results, the easiest way is to take a piece of ginger and chew it, instead of taking a tea and waiting for its reaction after some time. For the ones that cannot stand the intensive taste of the ginger it is recommendable to, however, prepare a cup of tea and consume it that way.

2. Mint tea at any time

Our grandmothers have always known the cure which we have heard more than once and that is the famous mint tea which is recommendable for any time of the day. It reduces it reduces the stomach ache, the flatulence and the cramps.

3. Chamomile tea

If you are not a fan of mint tea, try chamomile instead which has more or mess the same effects on the body as the mint tea. It calms down both you and your body.

4. Go for a walk

Maybe the best tip out of all the tips you might hear is to get active right after overeating. Make sure your body starts burning the calories you have eaten right away. Go for a walk and be active. Try to walk as fast as you can, for as long as you can. The moves will help your body to easilly deal with the amount of food you have consumed.

5. Yoga postures for better digestion

It is of crucial importance to resist the urgence of laying in the bed after overeating. Instead of dealing with the pain while you are not even able to find a good enough posture, google some yoga postures helpful in dealing with overeating that will help out with the digestion and make you feel better in no time.

However the best tip out of all would be to be careful and make sure you do not eat too much the next time you see a table full of delicious food, especially if many days are in question. It does not only make you feel exhausted but makes you feel bed about yourself too, for not knowing your own limits. On the other hand, if you, however, cannot resist the challenge of not eating too much, at least eat more raw food that digests faster and does not contain too much calories. That’s how you play on the safer side.