How To Deal With Glassware And Fragile Items When Relocating?


So you are planning to relocate? In that case, you need to make sure that all your items are packed safely and securely. You may want to start with your glassware and other fragile items first before moving onto other products. You can still use professional companies to help you move but when it comes to handling all the glassware and fragile items, you are better off handling it on your own. Just follow the tips posted below and you should be fine.

  • Gather supplies: the first thing that you need to do is to collect all the glassware and other fragile pieces together. Then you need to collect supplies such as marking pen, cardboard, tape, knife/scissors, measuring tape and then you need to put the cardboard boxes together and tape it. Just make sure that it is strong and sturdy enough to hold your glassware firmly and securely.  Just make sure that you tape up the box at least twice. You can always search online for storage Ipswich qld and contact professional movers to handle it for you.
  • Pack it: You must measure up your cardboard box and make sure that your glassware fits in firmly. That is, the box must be of the right size and the fit must be firm and not loose. Given that it is glassware, do not pack all the glasses in one box, and moreover, if there is still space left over after packing in the glassware, you may want to pad it with a small cushion or fabric. It is important that none of the glassware is touching each other and that each item is wrapped up in bubble wrap for additional protection. Remember that when you use the bubble wrap, the smooth side goes right next to the glass with the bubble side facing outwards.
  • Pad it: For additional protection and safety, you may want to use old fabric to pad the gaps between the cardboard and the glassware. Once that is done, you can safely seal up the cardboard box and remember to write down a list of all that the cardboard contains right on the outside. Also remember to mark the box with “Fragile, handle with care” on all sides. This should help prevent any unforeseen accidents and it should get the movers to treat the box with care, as they help transport it to your new location.
  • Double-check: Always double check your cardboard box and make sure that it is safely and securely packed. Make sure that the lids of the cardboard box are tightly secured and that there aren’t any open gaps through which important items can fall out of the box when moving it. Use a tape gun and apply it to the top and bottoms of the cardboard box so that it holds the glassware firmly and securely at all times, even when you are on the move.
  • Use professional movers: It would be a good idea to check online with the local house removal companies and see if they can help you with your packing as well. Some of the companies may charge a separate rate for it while others may include it as more of a perk while a few others may even throw it in for free. So check around and choose the company that comes with good reviews. 
  • Cost: The cost will vary from one moving company to the other; but do note that all companies would charge their rates irrespective of whether you are planning to move just next door or to a ranch, thousands of miles away.  

This is how you deal with glassware and other fragile items when relocating to a different location. You can use the tips and suggestions posted here to pack in your glassware securely and similarly, you can now move on to the rest of your items. You can opt for professional help but remember that any such help is generally charged. So you may first want to find out if the moving company charges extra for packing and then determine whether you want to handle it yourself or get the professionals to do it for you.