How to deal with the fear of failure


A smart brain has said once: “He who wants to be successful can not reach the top without having fears at all.” 

If you are one of those who are reaching for the stars but have doubts and a huge amount of questions along the way, do not worry! You are on the right path. What you have to do next is pay close attention to the way you react to the things that happens to you, instead of trying to avoid them. You can learn some useful tips that will help you on your journey.

  1. Give the failure a shape

Define what’s failure for you. The only weak and poor person on Earth is the one that has no will to learn anything new. Be aware that on the roat to success you will have to face some defined number of obstacles. The obstacles, on the other hand, are not a bad thing. They are only a fair sellection on the people walking the path as the more obstacles you overcome, the closer to the goal you get. The people that give up on the first or any other obstacle do not even deserve to get to the top. They do not have the courage to overcome the obstacle, have faith and keep on going anyways, therefore they end up among the majority of the people who, all they do is, complaining about the society and the life while they are missing the opportunity to make the best out of it.


2. Understand your fears

What’s the thing that scares the hell out of you? Your job is to find it and face it. Untill you do not face it, you are not ready to go to the next level. It is more than natural to have fears, as everyone has it, but only the brave ones are learning how to deal with it and lower donw the power of that fear to zero. This is one of the main principles because no one is fearless. The first and inevitable step is to find your fears, understand where do they come from, learn how to face them, face them with courage and eventually overcome them. Only this pattern will bring you to the next level.


3. Conquere the fear with confidence

Someone once said “When the attitude’s right the facts don’t count!” And he was right! What you have to consider doing when you have second thoughts and question your own worth, is you have to change your posture first. A confident person never walks with the head down. A confident person doesn’t care about other people’s opinion. They show that confident off, even when they are not sure of winning the battle. But they know very well that even the people that do not know them very well, tend to respect them more and give them innumerous opportunities if they see them with the face of a warrior, a winner! If you act like one it is inevitable to feel like one. Than everything else follows. The glory, the respect, the opportunities, the doors start opening magically, the people start paying you credits and eventually you win.