How To Declutter Your Childs Room


Find out how to get your child’s room more functional and organised with lots of smart decluttering. 

Decluttering anywhere in the home is a great idea for a more streamlined, zen, relaxed space that looks and feels wonderful. It’s a case of finding the time, and being ruthless to get the job done. If there is one area that isn’t so easy to declutter, it is your child’s room. Children amass a lot of things, really quickly, and they tend to be very, very against getting rid of any of their things. They’re quickly losing floor space for stuff though, so it has to happen. What do you do? 

Don’t worry, it can be done, here’s how:

Start With Age-Relevant Items

One of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of items in your kids room is to get rid of items that are not age relevant for them anymore. Baby books, toddler puzzles and other items that are too young for them now are easy targets. 

Teach Your Child About Charity

Decluttering is a great way to teach your child about charity. Talk to them about selling items to give to a charity they care about, or giving items to a charity shop to help others. It is a great way to teach a child compassion all whilst decluttering their room at the same time. 

Give Your Child A Choice 

If your child responds well to logic, give them two boxes and tell them they can only have special toys to fill one box, and the other box must be items that they will give away. Some children respond well to this as it makes them feel grownup and responsible, especially with praise afterwards. 

Be A Sneak

Unfortunately, for children who are really hesitant to get rid of anything at all, you may have to be a sneak. Whilst they are at school, or playing in the garden you may have to sneak a few things into a bag and get it to the cheap self storage unit or charity shop on the sly. It isn’t ideal, but sometimes it is the only way to declutter your child’s things without a huge drama. 

Consider A Swap

If your child is old enough, it could be worth having them do a swap with local children or friends who also have toys they don’t want or need any more. Obviously you can do this on a child’s behalf if you have a toddler or a baby. For older kids, it can be fun for them to swap their toys for ‘new to them’ items. See if friends, family and local groups are up for swapping. 

Keep A Constant Check On Clutter

When you get gifts at Christmas don’t even let unwanted gifts get into your child’s room. Secretly (to save feelings) have a box ready for duplicates or inappropriate/unwanted gifts. Then get it straight into a storage unit for when you have time to sell them, or straight to a charity shop if you can. In between, some of the best advice on decluttering is to try and do a clutter check every few months, if you can, to ensure it never builds up. 

Boost Storage 

Sometimes it is functionality, not clutter that is causing an issue with space and mess in a child’s room. Don’t be afraid to create seasonal space by making use of cheap self storage units. You could also boost storage with tubs, baskets and shelving in your child’s room to help keep it organised. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo has some great tips on this. 

You Can Achieve A Clutter-Free Child’s Room

You can get that room clear and functional for your child to enjoy more space, and ultimately a better overall environment for them to spend time in. Be tactical, speedy and if needs be, sneaky, for a clutter-free kids room that is functional and organised.