How to decorate with conversation starters


Whether it is for fashion, romance, home décor, you name it, it’s the little things that really make the difference. A beautiful outfit wouldn’t be complete without the perfect necklace; a relationship goes from good to great with the small things like your partner giving you their jacket when it’s cold outside and the perfect room is not quite yet perfect without great accessories that take it from showroom to your room.

Decorating your space is made easy through the endless amounts of inspiration found online and in magazines. And while these spaces are beautiful, they are not your own and nothing feels better than stepping into a space that you designed, created and feel proud of. It’s possible, of course, to head to your local department store and just buy everything coordinating according to their designers, but its more fun, less expensive and creates a way better final result when you find the little touches yourself that you think fit into the space.

It’s important to know that while a mix of eclectic pieces can make a room really unique and beautiful, too many conversation starters can start to become overwhelming and make the space appear cluttered and a mess. Choose carefully some really great pieces and figure out what you’re missing as you go along. Here are some examples of our pieces that will instantly take your space from generic to unique.

Bold lighting

Lighting is a great way to warm up your space, as well as provide function. Just any lamp won’t do, however. Mix function and design with a bold lighting choice in an effective and relatively inexpensive way. When you choose the proper lighting, it will enhance the color and ambience of the room instead of fight it. To develop your lighting plan, consider that you want to address the purposes that the room will serve or which activities you wish to accomplish in the space. For example, in the foyer or entry way you want the lighting to be welcoming to guests in your home. You could choose an overhead chandelier or perhaps some matching table lamps. However, for your bedroom, you want a lighting scheme that is calming and helps you to relax. A good choice would be to choose multiple lights, where you can make the room brighter with more lights or dimmer with smaller, bedside lights.

Unique area rugs

Like lighting, your area rug must serve a purpose, probably for warming your cold feet in winter! But also, you can take advantage and mix fashion with function through a unique area rug. A great choice here is a cool vintage rug. Consider your rug as a piece of art that just happens to be on the floor. Choosing one that makes an impact on your space can make an otherwise neutral space more interesting by creating a focal point. Try to put your rug under a glass table, making it really stand out.

Interesting sculptures

A sculpture can evoke so many different emotions depending on its make-up, which provides a great tool to allow you to change the feeling of your space with just a small object. Artisan sculptures can be really interesting, especially if you purchase one during your travels. They will almost always have a special meaning behind them, which makes the piece even more unique. You can also find really great sculptures online, which gives you a great opportunity to search through many options, sizes and shapes before you find the best choice for you. When choosing your placement, pick a spot that will naturally make the sculpture a focal point to the room. This doesn’t necessarily mean you place it right at the center of your dining room table, but instead it will draw guest’s eyes to that space as they are looking around the room.

Here are just a few examples of pieces that can make a big impact in your space.

But how to find these little things, you ask? The little pieces that make your room your own can’t be found all in one place; instead, they come from a perfect mixture of multiple sources, both new and old to create an eclectic balance. Go to your local secondhand shops to find some interesting vintage pieces. Or perhaps wait for the weather to warm up and head out for the Saturday morning yard sales to get a lot for very little price. Another good option is to look online, as we have showed here, which can give you access to millions of pieces from all over the world. Speaking of all over the world, are you a traveler? Have a trip coming up? Skip the typical tourist shops and try to find local artisan crafts. Supporting the local market and getting a unique piece you can’t get anywhere else, what could be better?

Where is your favorite place to find cool and unique pieces for decorating your home?