How to Design Your Back Yard with All Seasons in Mind


Once spring hits, nature comes back into full swing. You have color, and greenery, and warm weather – it is the perfect way to welcome the summer months, and it is the perfect excuse to spend as much time as you can outdoors. Of course, unless you live near the equator, you also have to contend with winter, which is why how you design your backyard or garden must always consider the more adverse weather conditions. If you don’t, you will be replacing nature and furniture year after year.

Use Multi-Seasonal Plants

While summertime and springtime flowers are beautiful, they are beautiful for their ephemerality. They last a few weeks at most and are gone before you know it. That means that there is a lot of time between their flowering that you need to fill. Thankfully, there are specifies of flowers that mean you can enjoy color in your backyard throughout the year, right up into winter. Similarly, you don’t have to contend with dead bushes and trees during the winter months, either. Add a healthy amount of evergreens into your garden, and you’ll have life in your backyard all year around.

Tip: Plant evergreen trees or bushes against the side of your house for greater insulation during the winter months!

Use More Durable Materials

Wooden decks are strong and look great, but they also require a lot of upkeep and are prone to rotting. That is why opting instead for materials that cannot rot is a better option. This could mean using a manufactured alternative, like plastic boards that mimic the look of wood, or to splurge on a rock or brick patio, are the best ways to ensure your landscaping survives year after year.

Weatherproof Furniture

If the furniture you put outside cannot handle the wind or rain, it doesn’t belong outside. You will need rattan garden furniture, which is strong, weatherproof, fireproof, UV protected, and looks great. There are so many different choices out there that you can find the right design for you. To get inspired you can look at all the great choices on Fishpools, from dining furniture to day beds.

Watertight Storage

Of course, even the best Rattan furniture comes with outdoor cushioning. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be nearly as comfortable. That is why you need a watertight storage solution outdoors or have a dedicated storage area within your home. Remember to remove the cushions before you go to bed, and always if it starts to rain. You can keep these cushions in an outdoor storage area during the summer, but to reduce the risk of pests getting into your cushions, you should bring them inside during the winter.

Your backyard can be an oasis all year around, but only if you plan with the whole year in mind. Mix and match different species of plants so that you can have color in your backyard no matter what the season is, and choose strong materials that can take the changing weather conditions for decades. Only then can you enjoy your outdoor space year after year, season after season.