How To Do Garage Door Repair By Yourself


Many of you out there are not aware that the garage doors are practically the largest moving part in the whole house. An average one would move up and down for thousand times a year, leaving you with another thing on the long household maintenance list. It is crucial that you undertake certain measures, in order to assure long use. All of the movement and vibration cause significant wear and tear, so make sure that you do occasional garage door repair. In addition, we share some pretty helpful tips with you!


Whether you choose to do it yourself, or just contact the guys from Garage Door Repair Norfolk VA, it is very important that you do a quick observation first. Do some preventive checks to make sure that the doors are gliding smoothly. Also, pay attention to the sound. If you hear any grumbling or strange sounds, then it is time to do regular maintenance.

The most common problems will result in uneven movements and strange sounds. When you are in a hurry to get to your work, you might not be able to detect such things. Take your time and conduct some tests. Open and close the doors, as you observe each movement and sounds careful. Check to see if the bolts and springs are in good condition as well. This way, you will get an overall image of the current state.

Tighten Up All Parts

An average garage door will go up and down countless times. The frequent movement will result in loose hardware. First, you should replace the worn parts. Check the brackets and fasteners. Use a good old socket wrench to tighten any loose nuts and bolts you find. Pay special attention to the rollers on the sides. These should be inspected twice a year. make sure that you replace them every seven years, or even less if your garage doors are used for more times a day. 

Consult A Professional

If a garage door is not properly maintained, then it is very likely that it will not serve you for long. Irregular care can result in spending way more money, and you don’t want to expose yourself to additional costs. If you blame the lack of time for that, then give a call to a professional service such as the Garage Door Repair Portsmouth VA.


We know that proper lubrication is a must for every moving part. This way, the stress put on the rollers will be reduced and they will serve you for a longer time. But, be aware that not every type of grease will work here. A white lithium grease is a good option. It can be found in a spray can, which means that the process of applying will be made easier. Repeat the process twice a year. This will prevent any noises and reduce wear and tear.