How To Do Salon-Like DIY Blowout At Home

Do you want to do a salon-like DIY blowout at home? You don’t have to pay at those expensive salons to have a nice blowout. All you need are out simple tips and a little bit of practice as well. There are some mistakes that you can make too. I will show you how to avoid them and have the best hairstyle ever.

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Gather your equipment

To get you started with the DIY blowout, you need to gather the equipment. You will need a large round brush for blowdrying. Also, make sure that you have a good blowdryer that has a special nozzle that will concentrate the air. Also, get a wide comb so that you can easily section your hair into strands.

Dry your hair

You can’t style wet hair, so make sure that you dry it roughly first. Start with blotting your hair dry. Use a soft towel or even an old cotton T-shirt. Don’t be too harsh with your hair, and don’t squeeze it to remove excess water. This can make your hair frizzy.

Blowdry the hair so that it is only 20% wet. By the time you finish, the hair should be slightly damp. If you start too soon, your hairstyle won’t hold. Always remember that wet hair should be dried first, in order to avoid damage as well.


Spray your styling product

Whether you want a hydrated hair, to tame the frizz, or to have natural waves, you should use a good blowdry product. Hair sprays that protect the hair from the heat are a good way to get you started. However, be sure that only a few spritzes won’t do the job properly. Section the hair and apply the product thoroughly. Go layer by layer to make sure that you have your hair covered.


Divide into sections

Before you start to blowdry your hair, you need to divide it into sections. Make sure that each of the sections is thin enough to allow you to style it. The width should be the same as the width of the brush that you will use.

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