How to Dress in a Presentable Manner for a Formal Occasion


It’s not every day we get invited to a formal occasion, and therefore we don’t give to much thought to it on a day to day basis. But there are a fair number of things to be considered when invited to one, and what to wear is one which is at the top of the list. You need to be aware of what you might wear but also what to dress in.


Know the Dress Code

Quite often if you are invited to an event or occasion then there will be a dress code stated on the invitation. This is actually great, as it lets you know exactly what is expected of you. If the dress code is not specifically stated then there’s no harm in asking the host or organizer what it is. It is always good to assume it’s more formal than not if you are unsure as being over-dressed is less of an issue than being under-dressed.

Get Measured Up

One major faux pas is wearing I’ll fitting outfits, and it’s a huge problem that most of us don’t even realize we have. But once you get it sorted then it’s amazing how you never realized that you could look so good. Gerry measured up by a professional tailor or outfitter, as a gentleman’s suit or even a ladies’ bra or dress looks so much better if fitted. 

Think Carefully About Accessories

Sometimes it’s not just what you wear but how you present that outfit and that means framing it with the correct accessories. So whether it’s the proper ascot ties for a wedding suit or the best necklace for the best dress then it can finish off your look. The big advantage of sprucing up your look with accessories rather than whole new outfits is that it can be a big money saver. 

Check for Worn-Out Clothes

Most of us don’t go to formal occasions all that often, and when we do we often wear the same outfit that we keep just for these occasions. Now, it’s not to say that this is a bad idea in itself. But what can happen is that these outfits can be worn or damaged and we may not even realize or have forgotten to get something repaired or replaced in between events. Tears, rips, seams coming apart are all potential issues. Even damage in storage due to damp or moths. So it’s important to regularly inspect any sparsely used outfits and their storage conditions

Choose New Clothes that will be Used Again

A lot of the issues we’ve discussed here come from having sets of clothes that are barely worn, or only worn on certain occasions. So if you can find outfits that are useful formally that can also be used in other aspects of life you can avoid this problem. So a suit or a dress that can also be worn as a work outfit will save you in the long term.