How to Earn Some Extra Money From Home


Living on a budget and having to stretch a paycheck to the end of the month is a reality for many people. Unless you’re a fortunate millionaire, a few extra bucks in your pocket never hurt. There are a number of ways to pad your salary without taking another job outside your home.

Take part in paid online surveys

It’s likely that you’ve probably heard of this money-making opportunity before, but it is still worth mentioning. The idea is to easily earn a little money on the side by doing nothing except filling out a few online surveys that pay between a few cents to $75 per hour, depending on the type of survey.
Always make sure to only work with legitimate websites and avoid traps or scams. Never pay money to take a survey and stay away from outlandish offers that promise you crazy rewards for your participation.

Set up your own online store

If you are into “creating stuff” like crafts or jewelry, you can make some cash off your hobby by offering your creations to the general public. The easiest option is to sell them through sites like Etsy or eBay, but a more profitable way is to set up your own online store. It gives you total control over your sales and doesn’t require you to pay listing and transaction fees. If you are serious about starting your own little business, set up everything you need for an online presence by signing up for proper web hosting services.

Take care of other people’s pets

You are a dog lover but don’t have the time to commit yourself to a four-legged friend on a permanent basis? There are multiple ways to open your home to dogs or other animals for a limited time while even earning money for it! One way is to offer your pet-sitting services to friends and acquaintances, however, chances are that you will probably give them for free.

An alternative is to post ads on Craigslist or use sites and apps like Rover to find pet-sitting gigs in your area. You can offer anything from simple walks to hosting a pet in your own home to even housesit someone else’s place while taking care of the owner’s pets.

Offer your baking services to others

If you enjoy baking delicious goods like breads and pies, why not make it a little side business? People are mad for homemade creations, especially on holidays and birthdays, since they often either lack the time or the talent to bake things themselves. Depending on your schedule and skill level, you can even take bigger jobs, like making elaborate wedding cakes.

Before you get started, make sure to read up on the so-called “cottage food laws” of your state, which regulate the production of food in private kitchens. Check if you need a license to bake and sell from your home before starting your baking business from home.

Rent out your belongings

If Day Trading is not your thing, then you can start renting your own belongings. All of us have plenty of stuff that we only use periodically and keep stored away for most of the time. Whether it’s a ball gown we have only worn once, skis we only use a couple times during the winter, or even our car. An easy way to make some extra cash is to rent out these things to other people on different platforms such as Loanables or Getaround. The advantage is that you have to do absolutely nothing but still make money on the side.