How To Easily Make A Natural Log Pathway


The main purpose of a pathway is to take you from one place to another as well as to enrich the landscape. So, it looks like a pathway is a must-have part of any garden. It can be made of versatile materials, such as stones, bricks, river rocks and even out of wood logs. Today, we want to show you how you can easily make a natural log pathway and we hope that you will try this idea for your garden too.

The main materials are of course logs and not several of them but many. Their quantity will actually depend on how long is your pathway. You should cut the logs with a chain saw.

natural log pathway

Then you should seal the logs, so that they can look well as well as keep the good look for a longer time. All the details of how to dig the pathway and how to arrange the logs you can find on the video below. One such natural log pathway can look great in any backyard because the wood will fit perfectly with the rest of the landscape.

Let’s check out now how to do it and let us know if you liked this fun project!

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