How to Effectively Manage Small Teams to Maximise Productivity


Nowadays it is not uncommon to find an office with relatively smaller teams. They can make a big impact if they all have a kind and compassionate team leader among them.


If you can relate to such a situation, then do read on. This article will provide you with valuable insights into how you can effectively manage your small team and keep them inspired and focused. Define Your Purpose – Heading on the road without direction I will get you nowhere. If you want to get someplace, you have to know how are you going to go and what is the right way to reach the place. A similar thing happens in business. If you are not clear about your purpose, your team won’t be able to work in the right direction.

Hire the Correct People – A common mistake that must be avoided is the hiring of the wrong people for the job. To avoid this mistake, you must first correctly understand the job role and then find people who fit the requirements. A right mix of people within the small team is a sure shot way to success.

Identify the Right Customers – Since you are a small team who is catering to a limited number of clients; you must be more selective about your customers. Choose to work with those clients who are a good fit with your team’s values and competencies. Clients who are a bad fit will not only waste your team’s time but will also not be good ambassadors for your brand.

SourceCreate a Work Environment That Inspires – The work environment and the company culture matters a lot for a team that is relatively smaller. You must allow for a great deal of intensive communication and brainstorming sessions, where the people can feel nurtured and allow their creativity to flow. Providing with small perks can also be of great help.

Help Your Team Have a Focused and Clear Mind – Bring in an intangible Team Spirit within your team. Take care of the day to day concerns so that they do not hamper their productivity. You must also attend to any distractions at work that might affect your team members. A clear and focus mine is only capable of producing the best results.

Invest in The Team’s Learning – If you help your team members develop and grow as particular individuals, they will be more valuable to you. You can send them to attend conferences, industry-specific training or arrange for team building activities for their skill enhancement. This will inculcate a feeling of belongingness towards the organisation within the employees which will make them more productive.

Be Supportive of Innovation – Being a small team you have an advantage over your bigger counterparts. You can try to innovate on a smaller level and check if things work or not being a team manager; you must be supportive of any contributions or ideas that your worthy team members provide. Acceptance of Ideas works in a similar way as rewards do.

Treat Everyone the Right Way – A small team knows a bit more about each other than compared to a team with the number of people. This directly implies that they will be aware of any happenings. So being a manager you have to be careful about how you treat the people. Under no circumstances should you get accused of favouritism, as this can work a counterproductively for your team.

Have Fun While Working – You must always try to indulge in activities that will allow you to keep your team members happy. Whenever you achieve success, it calls for a celebration. Stay satisfied as a team, and you will break those productivity records!

So, here are all the ingredients you need. Practice them extensively, and I can vouch for a team that is small but has achieved exceptional levels of efficiency and productivity.