How to Ensure Your Company’s Renovations Don’t Interfere with Its Operations


Have you made the decision that it’s time to undergo a number of renovation projects in your commercial building? This is a point that many business owners will get to when they own commercial property, as it’s perfectly normal for it to become tired, old, rundown, and out-of-date over time. It’s no different than home renovations, and eventually it will be necessary. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to commercial renovations, these can have a rather large impact on how the business is able to operate, even causing the business to shut down temporarily, which is an inconvenience to all. So, what steps can you take to ensure the renovation project has as little interference as possible on your company’s operations? Here are some practical steps and tips.

Hire an Experienced Contractor

One of the best pieces of advice is to ensure you hire an experienced commercial renovations contractor. These types of contractors will have a whole different set of skills and knowledge than a home renovation contractor. For your commercial bathroom renovations consider contacting One Point Partitions. They will be able to work with you from the design stage, planning out the project, and then executing all the renovations, making sure things stay on time and proceed as planned.

Well Refined Renovations, a commercial renovations Winnipeg based company explains that the planning process truly is the most important step. An experienced commercial renovations company will understand what steps are necessary to execute the client’s goals, the timeline that will be needed, the materials, and the sub-contractors necessary.

Can You Move Around the Building on a Temporary Basis?

While some companies may be forced to shut down temporarily during a renovation project, you may be able to shuttle around the building. Consider what would be needed equipment and space wise to temporarily set up shop in one area at a time. As the renovations are completed in each section, you will obviously need to move again. It can be an inconvenience yes, but at the same time it can keep the operations chugging along so there is no need to shut down.

Have a Plan in Place for Employees

The last thing your employees will want to deal with is confusion and obstacles that make it impossible to do their job. You’ll need to give thought as to how each department/employee will be affected, and come up with a gameplay during the renovation. Make your expectations known, and explain what they will need to do differently during this time.

Alert Customers and Clients in Advance

It’s also a good idea to alert customers and clients in advance so they know to expect at least some minor disruptions. Depending on how operational the company may be, your customers may not notice anything.

Renovations Don’t Have to Mean a Stoppage of Business

As you can well see, just because you have decided to undertake a large commercial renovation project on your business, it doesn’t mean it has to put a stop to operations. It’s all about careful planning, and bringing in the right people for the job.