How to File for Divorce Online


Living in an era where almost anything can be done online has its’ perks. Due to technology growth, you can now even get a divorce online. In some States, you can apply for divorce online yourself or even hire a company of professionals to handle the paperwork for you. Given the fact that a divorce is never easy, being able to file for divorce online is a blessing.

Filing for divorce yourself is free but time-consuming and one small mistake in the paperwork can cause plenty of troubles. This is why, in case of uncontested divorce, the easiest way to get through paperwork is by hiring a professional company to handle it.


Conditions to get a divorce online

First of all, divorce should be uncontested. For contested divorce the couple has to hire lawyers to represent them in front of a judge. Before filing for online divorce, the couple must agree on how the assets, debts, child support and custody are divided between them. Small disagreements can be solved by contacting a divorce mediator.

Another condition is that the couple must not be pregnant. In some States, it is impossible to file for divorce while the wife is still pregnant. If the couple is expecting then the couple will be advised to postpone the divorce until the baby is due.

If there were cases of abuse during the marriage the couple will not be able to get an uncontested divorce. This is because it is considered that the abused spouse will be in disadvantage when sharing the goods and debts. Attorneys have to represent both parties and a judge must decide how the goods and debts are divided.

Online filing for divorce – Do it yourself

The cheapest way to file for divorce is to complete the paperwork yourself on your state’s website. However, there are very few states that have this service and there are some disadvantages. Choosing to file for divorce yourself is recommended only if you have legal knowledge. A small mistake while completing the files can cause a lot of troubles. When you complete the files yourself you get no assistance. Unless the case is simple and no assets need to be shared, it is recommended to get advice from a professional.

Understanding the files you are completing is crucial and as self-medication is not advised without talking to a doctor first, the same rule goes for signing official papers. It is very important to get an expert’s opinion before filing legal papers. There are many aspects that most people believe they understand only to be proven they were wrong.

Divorcing with the help of online services

One of the easiest to get an uncontested divorce is with the help of online services. It is also one of the cheapest ways. By requesting help from a specialized company you avoid troubles and save a lot of time.

There are many websites that offer assistance with the divorce. The couple should discuss and choose the one that they believe it’s well-suited for them. Be careful when choosing the right website because while most of the businesses are legitimate and offer support for their customers, there are some companies that have fake reviews and focus more on advertising than on helping the customers.

Probably one of the first questions people ask themselves when reading about online divorce if it is legal to file for divorce online. As state above, some states have the option of filing for divorce through their own websites. The online divorce services usually help people to complete the paperwork required and it is 100% legal. Another question most people ask is how much does it cost to divorce with the help of online services. Depending on the website and on the complexity of the case the prices vary between $150 – $2600.

Online services – How do they work?

If you are planning to get an uncontested divorce you should start looking for a website that offers this kind of services in your State. You will need to cooperate with your spouse so make sure that you agreed on everything. The golden rule of the online services: the spouses must agree before applying.

Before searching for an online service to help you with the paperwork for easy divorce, make sure that you qualify for this type of divorce. Some people file before checking the conditions of the state they live in and even though they pay the registering fee of the website, the professionals have to reject their case.  

Most of the websites have the same procedure. You will have to register and provide some information related to your case. Depending on your answers you will receive additional questions or forms. Once you are done completing the files you can print them and file it at a local courthouse.

Some websites offer extra services such as telephone support. This is a very useful service, especially if the case is complicated and children are involved.  Choosing a company that offers 100% success guarantee and that has a great reputation is crucial. Some companies keep themselves updated and make sure that they offer 100% customer satisfaction while others are just focused on charging the customer.


Getting a divorce nowadays is a lot easier and cheaper with the help of the internet. Many people prefer filing papers online as it is a good way to save time. In some States, there’s the option to file for divorce yourself but this is not always recommended.

If the partners agreed on how the assets and debts are shared with or without the help of a mediator, then they can look for websites that can help them with their uncontested divorce paperwork. After registration, a team of experts will review the case and will send further documentation that needs to be completed. Depending on the complexity of the case, the prices the websites charge are different. Getting a divorce with the help of online services is a lot cheaper and easier than divorcing by hiring attorneys.

The timeframe in which the divorce is completed depends on the State. In some States, if the case is simple and the paperwork is completed well the divorce can take a few weeks while in others this can take a few months.

If you decided to apply for a divorce online make sure that you hire a reputable company that has a high success rate. Read the reviews and make sure they are fit for your case. Do not skip reading the reviews, if the company exceeded a customer’s expectation he will take the time to write a good review, and it goes the same way if the company did a bad job. Other people’s experience with them can give you an idea about what to expect.