How to Find a Wife Overseas


“Oh, this beautiful and free bachelor life” – this is a myth, which is invented by some people, whose previous relationship hurt them too much. In fact, more and more modern men admit to each other “You know, I want to find a wife.” Usually, we can hear that a woman wants to marry a foreigner, and men don’t look for wives from abroad. However, the number of men, who want to try international dating, is growing. Many successful men, not finding their soul mates in their countries, expand the boundaries of the search. They are disappointed in their compatriots and turn their attention to women in other parts of the globe. Foreign women attract them with beauty and independence.  But where to look for a wife in our time of fast-paced life and catastrophic lack of time? We will try to solve this urgent issue. If you decide that a foreign wife is exactly what you need, then let’s figure out where you can find one.


The most important criterion of dating a foreign girl is the knowledge of her native language. Here, everything depends on you. Your language skills can be improved endlessly, and it really solves a lot. If you decide to look for a partner abroad, but don’t know the language of the country you are going to, then start learning it tomorrow. If there is no money for language courses, then buy a self-study guide and spend at least an hour a day on learning the language. Don’t postpone this important moment for later.

International marriage agencies

There are many international marriage agencies that help two people from different countries meet. To do this, you just need to sign up for a consultation, and after that, an agency’s employees will contact you to determine your personal selection criteria for a bride and start a search, cooperating with agencies from those countries, where your potential bride lives.

Dating sites

There are specialized websites that focus exclusively on online dating with foreign women. And many women register there to meet kind foreign men and have the opportunity to visit other countries, see the world, and discover new impressions.


The bravest men can try to get acquainted directly at the station or at the airport because that’s how they can meet foreign women in their countries. Actually, this is a quite good method but often not very successful. Modern ladies are very suspicious of those, who approach them with the phrase “Let’s get acquainted.” You can try this option if you have a certain degree of courage, good knowledge of the language, and charm.

Extreme sport

Here’s a tip: you’ll never meet a plain and passive woman while a hot air balloon flight or extreme driving. You have a great chance to find an interesting person you will never get bored with! If this is exactly what you are looking for, use Google and find the nearest event, for example, rope-jumping somewhere abroad. Afraid of extreme sports? Don’t think about your fear. It is possible that you will accidentally find a new hobby among other things.

Social networks

Many people have found their love online. But it’s a little more complicated. You don’t see a person chatting on social networks; that’s why the most important factors (voice, smell, the manner of speaking) remain behind the screen. You may like a woman, communication is mutually agreeable, but when you meet, you may not feel any attraction. But if you consider this the best way to communicate with someone, then do so. Maybe you will meet exactly that woman with whom you want to spend not only a couple of days off but your whole life. And tender feelings will lead you to another country, towards a new life.