How To Find The Best Electricity Company 


The electricity market in the UK was deregulated with the Electricity Act of 1989. This led to a competition-based electricity market. And this has benefited the consumer in many ways. Now the consumer has more choices and options. 

They can get tailor-made solutions for their homes and offices. But the decision to choose a certain supplier can be a tricky one. The best way to make a decision is to consult an energy advisory firm. Utility Bidder is a consultancy firm offering services in this niche. You can rely on their advice to take the next step. 

Which Supplier Should You Go With? 

Your decision will depend on a variety of factors. Such as the energy requirements of your business. The kind of value-added service you want from your supplier. Do you want conventionally produced energy or a green energy supplier? 

The energy requirement of your property/establishment will be a determining factor while signing up for a contract. The consumption of electricity in kWh per day will help you in calculating the amount of energy, that will be required in a block contract. On the other hand, if price volatility is not a concern for you, an indexed contract will be the best option for you. 

The services provided by the supplier will have a basic package and a value-added package. The value-added package has a more customized experience according to your needs. You have more perks and facilities in it. But it comes at a higher cost and you should only choose it when you know that the basic package would not fulfill your requirements.

The option of choosing a supplier that sources its electricity from renewable resources is also available. It is for businesses that want to lower the environmental impact of their operations. Businesses can also choose a green supplier because their brand identity revolves around being environmentally friendly. 

Then you also need to compare the rates of different suppliers. You would need to keep in account the terms and conditions of each supplier. For example, a supplier may be offering a cheaper rate for electricity at the moment. But would not let you terminate the contract without a hefty exit fee if the prices go down further. 

You Can Hire A Energy Procurement Firm

An energy procurement firm acts as an advisor for you. They will help you in sourcing your energy from third-party suppliers. They make sure to keep in mind the future developments in the energy sector. Their main purpose is to get you a contract that is best for your business needs, and also reduces expenditure on energy bills.

They also streamline your operational costs and suggest reforms that will make your business more energy efficient. They will calculate the energy consumption in your business and consider the equipment/appliances that need to be changed, so energy can be conserved. The firm will also help you to make a contract that will provide certainty in the future.

Hiring an energy procurement firm can help you secure a deal that is beneficial for you.