How to Finish Everything You Start: 7 Tips for Productivity


Who has not faced such a situation: you start lots of things but finish only a couple of them because you lack time? In fact, everyone can manage all essential things. It’s not so easy, but these tips will help in such a situation.

Make To-do Lists

Grab a pen and a piece of paper and start making a list of all the things you need to do.

Now distract yourself for 10 minutes, relax because you have already written down everything you care about. So, 10 minutes have passed, now go back to the list, look at it critically and ask yourself the question: what is the reason that prevents you from completing each of the listed tasks? Answer this question honestly, mostly it will be laziness and not wanting to change something, fear of the reaction of others, an embarrassment to ask, or fear of rejection. Once you figure out what’s getting in your way, you’ll be able to get on with getting things done. Everything starts with the head, so get rid of “garbage” and negative thoughts.

Cross the Unnecessary Things off the List

After you got rid of negative thoughts and gathered your will into a fist, read the list once again. Ask yourself: will these books you plan to read help you in your career? Will these movies you want to watch help you build your personal happiness? Will reading 20Bet online betting news make you an Olympic champion? Do the things that aren’t worthwhile, cross them off your list altogether. It is better to spend time on something really important, for example, if you’re single, is that not a reason to start cleaning up and go out in search of a soul mate?

Remember the Golden Rule of Two Minutes

There is a very effective principle of time management – “the rule of two minutes,” which states that the things that will take you no more than 2-5 minutes are done immediately and are crossed off the list. Taking apart a shelf in the closet, putting in the order on a shelf in the bathroom, loading the washing machine with laundry – all these things take no more than 5 minutes. It’s only half an hour and you already have so much to do! And all you had to do was get off the couch and wiggle your brain in the right direction.

Become French: Eat a Frog

Take your to-do list and highlight in green on the list all the items that were not done due to laziness.

These are the most unpleasant things that you put off until the last moment, and then in terror, you start making up for a lost time to do them, in time management they are called “frogs.”

For example, you are required to write an article, an important letter, make a financial report, or plan to organize an event. Imagine in the smallest detail how you write what you need to do. You see, you’re burning desire to do it, start immediately!

Split the Elephant

In time management, the hardest and most complicated things are called “elephants.”

Your mind will perceive 20 simple 5-minute to-do’s more easily rather than five complicated and time-consuming ones. The main rule is to return to these small tasks in every free minute.

Praise Yourself

Nothing is as uplifting as a long list of things to do. So once you’ve done the job, feel free to cross it out and be sure to praise yourself for it.


Set aside a few hours once a week or a month and take stock. You’ll notice that many things are done before the end, a few “frogs” have disappeared from the long to-do list, and a couple of “elephants” have shrunk by half or are gone altogether. Once again, praise yourself and complete the list with new things to do.

Don’t forget to motivate yourself and rejoice that you are so good and each time you manage to solve more and more important tasks that bring you closer to your cherished goal!