How To Follow The Slow Fashion Rules


Do you want to follow the slow fashion rules? We have some helpful tips for you. Avoiding fast fashion is not only a trend. It will help you save money and be always dressed well. By purchasing good quality clothes that you can wear for years to come, you save money long term. However, it is not only about buying. You should also put effort into maintaining your clothes in shape. Slow fashion is a philosophy that will change your life, so these tips will help you!

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Good quality clothing

Buying high-quality clothes is very important. It is one of the crucial principles of slow fashion. The cheap fast-fashion pieces will lose their shape after a couple of washes. Some might shrink, or even the color will fade. And this will make the clothes look cheap. Avoid manmade fabrics, and opt for natural instead. Cotton is a great choice. You can tell if the garment is a good quality if you simply check the seams. They should be well done, without visible threads hanging.


Proper washing

To make the washing easier, always do spot cleaning first. Remove any stains when they are still fresh. This way, you will make sure that your clothes are spotless. Don’t rub them because you can damage the gentle fibers. Stain removing pen is a good way to keep your clothes clean, anywhere you go.

Also, don’t overwash your clothing. Garments like jeans or a sweater worn with a shirt don’t need to be washed after a single wear. Hang these to prevent wrinkles, so that you can wear them again.


Always check the labels for washing instructions. Different materials have different requirements regarding washing. Some garments require hand washing,

If you have delicate fabrics, wash them in a special laundry bag. This goes for bras and underwear. Another great way to protect your clothing during washing is to close the zippers and buttons. If you don’t, they can rub against other garments or get stuck.



Protectin your clothing is very important. Store your special occasion garments in a special bag. Don’t hang your wool sweaters. This can stretch the garment and make it look horrible. Instead, fold all wool items carefully. Make sure that you don’t have any embellishments, buttons, or zip nearby as they can damage the wool.