How To Get a Better Deal on a New Radiator


Radiators can sometimes be a bit tricky to buy. It’s the kind of thing you’ll only ever purchase once in a blue moon. Unlike having a rough idea of what a reasonable price for a new TV or phone is, understanding when you’re getting a good deal on a new radiator can be confusing, until now!

With a little foresight, some planning, and the tips I’m about to provide, here is how you can get a better deal when shopping for new radiators online.

Go directly to the brand

There aren’t that many big radiator brands around. I’d hedge a bet you’d even be hard-pressed to name one, and that includes the radiator in your house. If you’re shopping around online and see a particular brand of radiator you like, double-check that the brand has a website.

A bit like buying something wholesale, going direct to the source could see you get a better deal. 

Use a Trade website

In my opinion, this is the sneaky trick that many big-name DIY stores don’t want you knowing about. You and I might only need to buy one radiator, but when you’re a contractor or builder, you usually need to buy in bulk for a full home/ building you’re in the midst of building, and you want to make sure you get a good price at the same time. That’s why I recommend looking for your local trade website. 

In the UK, Trade Radiators would be an excellent example of this. Trade stores will offer radiators at a lower price and usually get orders shipped out quickly to keep customers happy (trade customers tend to be repeat buyers and don’t like to wait around on products).  It’s also ideal if you need little accessories like valves and caps too.

Look for similar sizes

You might not know what type of radiator you have, but you will know what size it is. Get the measuring tape out and see what the height by width is. It would help if you did it in this order, as opposed to width first, as it’s how radiators are measured. When you know your measurements, throw them into Google, and it’ll show products in that exact size first like you’re reverse-engineering how to shop for a radiator. 

Ask about delivery

So you’ve found the ideal radiator at a price you’re happy with, and just when you get to the checkout, you find out there’s going to be a crazy delivery price due to the size and weight of the product. If the retailer hasn’t made it clear what their delivery charges are or if delivery is included in the price, get in touch with them. 

Find a live chat or phone number and talk to someone to see if they’ll waive the fee, especially if you’re buying more than one radiator at once. A little haggling can see you get a better deal.

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